Best places to travel in 2022

Best places to travel in 2022
Best places to travel in 2022

Best places to travel in 2022: Are you thinking of places to travel to in 2022? This year, the second in the Covid-19 crisis – with some of the restrictions being less strict – some have resumed the spirit of travel and have decided to explore territories within their own countries, but if the recovery and the vaccine keep pace, 2022 could be the ideal year to re-target internationally and travel to different countries. But considering the myriad of options, where is the best place to travel?

After 2 years of some travelers having to stop their plans, now without a doubt, many will seek more interesting and not so common experiences, leaving behind the traditional tourist places and opting for more striking places that can result in a more enriching adventure in all senses. In other words, we want the trips to be really worthwhile and we won’t risk so much business as usual, considering that they could also be full of tourists.

As a way to offer an idea of ​​​​what could be the ideal places to travel in 2022, these spaces promise a different and special adventure for those who want to return to the international scene with everything that is expected of an unforgettable trip. These are the selected places:

  1. Taormina, Italy
  2. London, England
  3. Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
  4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  5. Anguilla, United Kingdom
  6. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  7. Faroe Islands
  8. Ischia, Italy
  9. Banff, Canada
  10. Galapagos Islands
  11. Majorca, Spain
  12. Porto, Portugal
  13. Bodrum, Turkey
  14. Seychelles
  15. Napa Valley, California, United States
  16. Quito, Ecuador
  17. San Sebastián, Spain
  18. Yucatan, Mexico
  19. Pink Granite Coast, France
  20. Namibia
  21. Chefchaouen, Morocco
  22. Paro, Bhutan

As we can see, it is not a list that mentions the tourist destinations that we usually find. The only best known might be London, England, being a general favorite, while Dubai is an increasingly popular destination. In general, the list has a pattern, mentioning several similar islands and territories such as the Faroe Islands, the Galapagos, Anguilla, and Seychelles, but there are also interesting spaces in popular countries, such as Taormina in Italy, or Mallorca in Spain.

It’s also interesting that places in the United States don’t include places like New York, Chicago, or other common places for tourists, including Austin, Texas, which has recently gained quite a bit of popularity. In their place are other spaces that are on the rise and that promise to be the best spaces for 2022.

Mexico is not far behind in the list with a quite popular destination, but it could be really perfect in 2022. Yucatan is known for its perfect beaches but also for its historical identity, having the Mayan ruins and different indigenous communities. It is generally considered the safest state in Mexico, so tourists will not have to worry about crime.

Among the interesting destinations are Turkey and Slovenia, which are countries that are not usually mentioned when talking about international travel, but – as we mentioned – travel trends could change that year and these alternative destinations will become the option for those looking for something special. and different. In the same way, it will encourage some to not only go to the conventional places but to explore beyond. Such is the case of the Pink Granite Coast in France, which is undoubtedly one of the most striking destinations on this list, and maybe the ideal place to go after Paris.

Of course, for the trips you will need a passport but, in some cases, the vaccination certificate may also be requested that guarantees that you received both doses and that you are protected against the virus. So if you were looking for places to travel in 2022, these are your best options.

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