Best Airlines to travel in economy class

Best airlines to travel in economy class
Best airlines to travel in economy class

Best airlines to travel in economy class: It is interesting that almost all the best airlines in the world, according to the criteria of different experts, are from Europe or Asia. We do not know what makes the airlines of America not reach the level reached by their counterparts from the “other side of the pond”, which offer excellent service even to their tourist or economy class for a low price, giving experiences unique that users can not avoid repeating.

According to the experts at Travel + Leisure, some of the best airlines of 2020 were Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Eva Air, All Nippon Airways, Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines, among others, some of which we will hardly see in this part of the world. The same is true of some of the airlines chosen by our colleagues at Condé Nast Traveler. Here we leave you their list, which presents the fleets that provide 5-star service at a low price.

Best Airlines to travel in economy class

Aegean Airlines

Described by friends at CN Traveler as “ Europe’s best regional airline ”, it is the largest airline in Greece with a long list of travel options, mainly in that part of the world and in the Middle East. With seats that have plenty of space (and you don’t have to travel like a sardine next to your neighbor), it is renowned for having some of the best customer services, with the crew always attending to the needs of travelers.

On the other hand, let’s forget the tasteless food, since it has good food service, in addition to offering alcoholic beverages for free. Likewise, its flights already have free Wi-Fi and it offers an entertainment program that can be enjoyed from smartphones. Anyone traveling on that airline.

Air France

One of the best-known airlines in Europe, which has focused entirely on innovation in recent years, incorporating some of the most modern aircraft into its fleet. The new seats on these ships are ergonomic and can be reclined up to 118º without invading the personal space of another person since there is a good space between the rows.

The new Dreamliners have mood lighting that adapts to phases of flight to give a day and night feel to prevent jet lag (although we can’t guarantee this) and overall has a much more spacious and modern look.

Tourist class can also receive alcoholic beverages at no extra cost, in addition to the fact that their dishes are usually everything we would expect from French cuisine, good flavor, and originality.

Qatar Airlines

Possibly the largest airline in Europe and Asia, it has some of the widest seats in the industry even in economy class, making it a luxury to travel there. The customer experience always goes hand in hand with a five-star rating, as the luxury of the fleet is mixed, plus the crew is always friendly and the menu has different options. They don’t serve Champagne as the French do, but they do serve pre-trip prosecco, which is the perfect touch for a nap after the trip ends. And let’s not forget the kit of products that he gives to all his travelers that brings from a lip balm to socks and earplugs. Everything to ensure that the traveler has an excellent experience.


And keeping up with the high standard, this Finnish airline manages to mix aesthetics (even including works by an artist in its hygiene kits) with excellent service. What is different about this airline is that all-economy class menus can order a specific menu item in advance or have the food served on crockery with steel cutlery, as is often seen in first class.

In addition to the above, Traveler added Singapore Airlines and KLM from the Netherlands. Will we ever see local airlines reach that level?

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