Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

Wondering how to have a honeymoon after paying for your wedding? These five cheap travel ideas can also make a luxurious trip within reach of cash-bound couples. Affordable Honeymoon Ideas.


Cruises are fun and romantic. Most honeymoon couples love them, not only because they are inexpensive, but because you get so much for your money: a cabin, more food than you can provide day and night, free meals onboard Activities and entertainment, one (or more) swimming pools and the opportunity to visit several ports without re-packing.

The two best cruise lines for Honeymoon Couples are Princess, the original “Love Boat” and Celebrity Cruise, which have dedicated spa floors on their latest ships. Couples low on cash can still swing a cruise honeymoon; Just opt for sailing for a period of a few days. You’ll be surprised how a brief “cruise nowhere” can take you into the world of pampering. If you are spa aficionados, make an appointment to indulge onboard.

To make the honeymoon cruise the cheapest, drive to your embarkation point. While many cruise lines operate out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, which require non-residents to fly in the Sunshine State, cruise ports are within a distance of 40 percent of the United States population. Find the nearest one to you. Since most cruises start in the afternoon, if you leave early, you won’t have to pay for a night at a hotel beforehand.


WeddingMoons enables you to have both your wedding and honeymoon at a tropical resort location. It was Sandals Resorts, which has locations in Jamaica, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, and St. Lucia, which popularized the concept. Today, many resorts such as Sandals offer couples who stay for a modest free wedding for at least three nights. A destination wedding is not for everyone, but if it is right for both of you, it is both a fabulous wedding and a memorable honeymoon in a romantic place. It is up to you to invite the entire gang, just a few near-furry friends, or make it private for just two of you.


Weddings usually take a long time to plan, as do honeymooners. In fact, the sweet anticipation of a honeymoon is one of its delights. But if you are really pinching pennies, because you must have an inexpensive (or absolutely inexpensive) honeymoon, then think if it is worth it. Do not be hasty in your plans: wait until the last moment. When you can do last-minute deals.
If you delay planning your honeymoon, you can save on last-minute occasions including rent sales and holiday deals. But you have to be ready to be flexible; You may have your heart set on a destination or holiday package that sells out quickly. Beware that you can’t get the best room at a resort, either – though if you tell the front desk or the general manager that you’re on a honeymoon, there’s a chance you’ll upgrade.


A well-known brand has recently entered the travel sector: Costco Cruise, selling vacation packages, and Disney trips. It is selling rooms at Best Western and several Hyatt Hotels brands. The latter includes the luxurious Hyatt Regency properties and the trendy Andaz brand. If you order through Costco, you can get 10% off the rate (no big deal, of course; you can do better if you have an AAA membership). We also noted that although Costco came with some very low cruise prices, they were for the less-desirable cabins on the lowest deck.


If you hear the call of the great outdoors, plan to spend part of your honeymoon camping. For an overnight in a national park, you have to reserve a spot well in advance, so jump on it. If you are unsure whether you would like to sleep outside and cook, consider renting a tent and camping equipment before purchasing. And to hedge your bet, reserve at least one night in a romantic hotel, where you can clean up in a shower and sleep on a real bed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

Q. Best Honeymoon ideas in India?

A – Below are the best honeymoon ideas

  • Beautiful Lakes And A Romantic Photoshoot, Udaipur
  • Desert, Camping, Romance And Safari, Jaisalmer
  • Where Blue Sky Meets White Desert, Kutch
  • Tea Estates, Safari And Trekking, Munnar
  • The Quaint Riverside Retreat Near Bangalore, Kabini
  • Enjoy Beauty, Stunning Views And Nature, Auli
  • Experience Beautiful beaches And Beach Resorts, Kovalam

Q. Best Honeymoon ideas during covid?

A – Below are few options of honeymoon ideas during Covid.

  • Consider Self Drive Holidays
  • Travel to Domestic Destinations
  • Respect Travel Restrictions, Near and Far
  • Consider waiting

Q. Adventurous honeymoon ideas?

A – Below are Adventurous Honeymoom Ideas for Daring Newlyweds

  • Go on a safari adventure in Namibia
  • Set sail in the Caribbean
  • Drive off in style across the USA
  • Fall off the map in Kyrgyzstan
  • Climb a mighty peak in Tanzania
  • Become dive buddies in Thailand
  • Find romance on Canada’s rails
  • Walk the Australian wilderness
  • Cool your passion in Finland
  • Watch nature courting in the Galápagos Islands
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