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5 of the most modern hotels in the world

When you see this hotel list compiled by thetravelshots, you will feel like you are in the Jetsons cartoon. 5 of the most modern hotels in the world.

Silken Puerta America Hotel, Spain

5 of the most modern hotels in the world: The Space Club rooms at the Silken Puerta América Hotel in Madrid, the capital of Spain, are designed by Zaha Hadid, the famous Pritzker award-winning architect. As soon as you enter the room, which has two options, pure white and petrol black, throw yourself into bed and stare at the smooth ceiling. You will feel as if you are floating in space.

Hen-na Hotel, Japan

Hen-na Hotel in Nagasaki looks like it’s from the future. If the multilingual robotic dinosaurs at the check-in desk surprise you, wait until you meet the facial recognition system that lets you enter your room without a key.

YOTEL, New York, USA

When you step over the threshold of YOTEL in New York, you will feel like you have entered a futuristic universe with a design reminiscent of luxury airplanes. After completing your work at the 24-hour self-service check-in desks, you can deliver your luggage to the hotel’s robot, Yobot. Of course, the rooms are not inferior to the lobby in terms of technology. For example, your mechanical bed helps you find the ideal position to watch out of your window.

Wonderlust, Singapore

When you step into Wanderlust in Singapore’s Little India district, you will witness worlds colliding. For example, you will find yourself in a storm of colors in the hotel’s rooms with names such as ‘Pantone’ and ‘Whimsical’. In the giant rocket in the ‘Space’ room, you will feel like a cosmic explorer. Let’s not forget the huge showers and baths surrounded by frosted glass placed in the center of the rooms.

Capsule by Container Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Located within Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, Capsule by Container Hotel consists of containers that provide the most extreme comfort. The hotel’s lounge, library, and capsule areas have been specially designed for you to rest comfortably near the airport.

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