Trip to Toulouse: Places you cannot miss

Trip to Toulouse
Trip to Toulouse

Trip to Toulouse: Toulouse in summer, the ideal urban destination. Toulouse, as comfortable as it is captivating, shines especially in summer when its inhabitants take to the streets -and the Garonne River!- to enjoy the good weather and the most fun and interesting cultural plans. So that you do not miss anything, we have prepared a list of essential places on your next visit. aim!

  1. The Garonne river

Whether to relax on its lively banks, embark on a cruise, or even enjoy it practicing water sports, the Garonne River is a beautiful stop -and not to be missed!- on your visit to Toulouse.

  1. Prairie des Filters

Located in the privileged natural environment that runs between the Pont Neuf and the Pont Saint-Michel, the Prairie des Filtres is perfect both for a picnic and for a nice walk with spectacular views over the city. But, in summer, in addition, its shores turn to fine sand, becoming a bustling beach, and cultural or festive events as attractive as the Rio Loco festival are held there.

  1. Peniche Horizon

Moored at the Quai de la Daurade, another hot spot: the floating restaurant Horizon, which takes us along the Garonne to the lull of its exquisite local and contemporary cuisine, while the moving image of the city draws a unique landscape around us.

  1. Hotel Maison Soclo

On the banks of the Quai de Garonne, a few steps from the Capitole, the new Maison Soclo hotel floats between the leaves of a lush garden and the sound of water in the peaceful swimming pool. There, residents of the neighborhood, apprentice globetrotters, business travelers, and hedonists meet, chat, eat, sleep, swim, sunbathe, read, and play… in short, they enjoy the best life in Toulouse.

  1. Cite de l’espace
    The Cité de l’Espace (‘Space City’), is made up of 4,000 square meters of exhibitions spread over four floors, two planetariums, an Imax® 3D cinema, a simulator to walk on the Moon, and more than 250 objects, from ships to space to meteorites and stones brought directly from the Moon, it is a fascinating space in which to lose yourself.

In addition, the complex has four hectares of ‘scientific gardens’ with an impressive collection of rockets and satellites, and this year, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, also with Le Terrain Martien (The Field of Mars), an animated space that emulates the conditions of the red planet.

Always Toulouse

This gallery could last forever if we include the jovial guinguettes, the Nakache swimming pools, and the fantasy world of La Halle de La Machine … There are many attractions that will mark you forever on your trip to Toulouse, an eternal destination that shines like never before. under the hot summer sun.

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