The Pyramid of Austerlitz

The Pyramid of Austerlitz
The Pyramid of Austerlitz

Where in Europe stands an almost Egyptian pyramid. We will tell you where the pyramid, inspired by the landmark of the Egyptian Giza, arose from in a simple Dutch village. The Pyramid of Austerlitz is located between the cities of Amersfoort and Utrecht, the Netherlands territorially belongs to the municipality of Woudenberg. Its height is 36 meters. The pyramid is located on one of the highest points of the Utrecht Hills.

The idea for the construction belongs to the French general Auguste Marmont, who was inspired by the pyramid complex in the city of Giza, Egypt.

In 1804, Marmont set up a military camp on the territory of Woudenberg. The soldiers learned all the tactics and were frankly bored in their free time. To keep his soldiers busy, Marmont ordered the construction of a pyramid, which he saw in 1798 during Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign. The brigadier general accompanied the emperor on all his Egyptian and Syrian campaigns.

The soldiers coped with the task with a bang: in 27 days they erected a pyramid of earth and grass, repeating even the steps. It was not only the soldiers who worked but the entire officer corps. A 13-meter wooden obelisk was erected to the top.

The pyramid was named “Mount Marmont” in honor of the author of the project, but then Napoleon’s brother, King of the Netherlands Louis renamed the pyramid. The building received a new name in honor of the city of Austerlitz, near which Bonaparte defeated the Russian-Austrian troops.

The pyramid of short-lived materials began to collapse after the fall of the Bonaparte regime. In the 19th century, the original obelisk was partially restored.

In 2007, the pyramid was restored, a luna park and a playground were opened nearby. Now anyone can come to her; a ticket to the pyramid costs 2.5 euros. The Pyramid of Austerlitz.

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