Rann Utsav: White Desert of Kutch, Gujarat

Rann Utsav
Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav, Gujarat Carnival of Music, Dance & Culture. Enhance the natural beauty of the White Rann as the light of the full moon radiates into the white world. The festival starts every year in November and continues in Kitch, Gujarat, and marks the celebration as far as Holi. Many tourists visit from different parts of the world just to hear the view of the glittering Rann Utsav. Especially the nights of the full moon provide an interesting moment when the moonlight shines on the desert sand. The color of white milk gives the impression of Heaven on earth. Cool Breeze and a full moon flashlight welcome the visitor to live a memorable life.

Every year it organizes with the support of Gujarat Tourism. This includes many activities such as Traditional Dance, Cultural Law show Camel Safari, Music Times, Live in Tents, and many other activities at Rann Utsav.

Rann Utsav celebrates in Dhordo village in Kutch which is 85 kilometers from Bhuj. The region is famous for its various traditional shopping activities at Rann Utsav such as – Real Handicrafts, Bandini Sarees, Traditional Ornaments, and many more that give you a good experience. About 350 luxury tents are being built here with the good planning of the Gujarat Government and its supporters.

There are also other places you can visit during Rann Utsav such as historical sites, Wild Life Sanctuary (famous for Wild Ass), Great White Rann of Kutch, Museums, Palaces, Castles, etc.

Vision & Inspiration: –

The Rann Utsav Festival has been organized since 2006 with the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. He envisioned the Festival to form a new identity on the world tour map now celebrated every year from November onwards in Kitch, Gujarat.

During the Rann Utsav Festival, the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. provides transportation, accommodation, food, and tourist guide information.

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Recreational Activities Offered By Schedule Time And Availability.

  • Riding a Camel Chart
  • Shopping Zone – Bandhi Sarees, Handicrafts & many other traditional items.
  • Children’s Area
  • Food court
  • Playground
  • Spa Center on a charge basis
  • Yoga Center and Meditation
  • Paid Hobbies – Parasailing, Dirt Biking,
  • Cultural Dance Performance
  • Live Music Concerts
  • Special Cultural Dance Shows – Garba, Dandiya Raas
  • Conference Hall for Business Purpose
  • You ride on a charge basis
  • Sightseeing Tour – Kaladungar / Black Hill, White Rann / Dessert, Hodka Village

Special Celebration Activities Are Done On Special Days

  • 31st Dec Night: – Celebration New Year
  • 14 Jan: – Special arrangement for Kite Flying Festival
  • 26 Jan: – Special arrangement for Republic Day
  • 14 Feb: – Valentines Day’s Special Gala Dinner at White Rann.
  • March: – Holi Celebration Celebration

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