Pahalgam Hotels for Holiday

Pahalgam Hotels
Pahalgam Hotels

Pahalgam Hotels: Kashmir assures us that heaven is not far away, and so is the beauty and charm of this region. This area is dotted with amazing places to visit. And among all those places is the city of Pahalgam, which is affectionately called the Valley of the Shepherds. With the blessings of nature, Pahalgam maintains the prestige of Kashmir! Flourishing meadows, thick forests, cloudy mountains, and vast apple orchards, there is so much to see and explore. A long list of fun awaits adventure enthusiasts too! Trekking, hiking, white water rafting, fishing, the list goes on!

But wait, whether you are looking for thrilling things to do or beautiful places to visit in Pahalgam, you will need accommodation that suits all your needs, right? So, here is a list of the 10 best hotels in Pahalgam. Go through the list and see which is the best place to stay in Pahalgam during your vacation!

10 Best Pahalgam Hotels for Holiday

  1. Pahalgam Hotel

Starting the list of the best hotels in Pahalgam with its name, Pahalgam Hotels! Although the hotel started hosting guests in 1931, it doesn’t lack the modern decor and amenities one can look for! There are many lavish suites and rooms that you can choose from. And whichever suite or room you choose, the breathtaking views of the Lidder River and the snow-capped mountains will complement it. Apart from providing spectacular views and luxurious rooms, the hotel will also take you on a culinary journey with its Pine Retreat, Stone Age Lounge, Little Hut, Cafe Log In Cafe, and open-air barbecue nights!

  1. Hotel Heevan

Among the list of 4-star hotels in Pahalgam, this is a perfect place to relax and unwind close to nature. The hotel is situated on the banks of the Lidder River and is surrounded by abundant greenery. Here, you will have spacious cottages and rooms to choose from. All the rooms are well decorated and have all the necessary facilities. Once you check-in, grab a cup of coffee and some snacks at Absher Cafe and enjoy the view of the river! And for your meal, Dilkusha Restaurant serves delicious food!

  1. Paradise Inn

A comfortable and luxurious stay with lush green valley views, Paradise Inn promises its guests the same. The hotel is eco-friendly and allows you to spend time surrounded by lush greenery. Coming to the rooms, you can choose from Super Deluxe, Deluxe Rooms, and Suite Rooms. Settle in your favorite room and enjoy fine dining and hospitality throughout your stay. Hotels can also help you plan your sightseeing if you wish.

  1. Hotel Royal Hilton

In the lap of the Himalayas is the Hotel Royal Hilton, ready to offer you comfort and luxury! Spread over 2 acres of land, this hotel is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and tall deodar trees! The rooms here are full of luxury with their flawless woodwork and large windows offering perfect views of the winter wonderland outside! Your dining experience here will be awesome too! From traditional Kashmiri food to continental flavors to Chinese cuisine, you will have a delicious time on your stomach!

  1. Pine Spring

Next, we have one of the best 3-star hotels in Pahalgam, Pine Spring. It looks like a castle made of wood! And the dense forests and hills in the background make it even more heavenly! So, during your stay here, beautiful views are ensured as well as a serene atmosphere! All the rooms here are well designed and quite spacious. what else? You will be served delicious food and snacks whenever you feel hungry!

  1. Hotel Himalaya House

This family-run hotel is indeed one of the best budget hotels in Pahalgam. The homely atmosphere here attracts many tourists. And the beautiful views of the Lidder River and the pine forests add to the hotel’s popularity. This is what you can expect when you book a stay here! Comfortable rooms where you can relax and a lush garden where you can take a walk. You can spend your day swinging here or take part in the fun and thrilling activities organized by the hotel like trekking, camping, river rafting, fishing, and horse riding.

  1. Hotel Alpine K2

One of your top picks on Pahalgam’s cheap hotel list, Hotel Alpine K2 is committed to making your stay a memorable one. And for that, it offers comfortable and clean rooms. It takes care of you any time hunger with mouth-watering dishes. And for a dose of entertainment, it organizes sightseeing and trekking trips. If you wish, you can rent a bicycle from here and cycle around the city!

  1. Hotel Baisaran

The Lidder River and the snow-capped mountains are visible from Hotel Baisaran. And that means the views from here will take your breath away! But it’s not just about the ideas. It’s also about luxury and comfort! Book a room here, you’ll get both. And the chefs will keep serving you delicious dishes every day. When you wish to go on some adventure, you can go trekking or enjoy a pony ride. And the hotel can even help with your sightseeing plans!

  1. Hotel Noor Mahal

Such a beautiful name (noor translates to light and palace to palace)! Book a room here and enjoy the rumble of the Lidder River and the views of the mighty mountains from the balcony of your room. Add to that the delicious Kashmiri cuisine and you will have the perfect stay! A reminder here. This hotel specializes in hosting large groups of guests! Therefore, it is perfect for family and large friend groups!

  1. Welcome Hotel Pine And Peak

Views of tall pine trees and mountain peaks, you’ll find both and much more. what more? Gorgeous rooms, cottages, and rooms where you can spend the perfect time relaxing. A lounge for tea time and two in-house restaurants serving delicious cuisine. need more? What about pony rides, trekking tours, and lazy picnics? If you are nodding your head in excitement, then Welcome Hotel Pine & Peak is one of the best accommodations you can stay in during your Pahalgam trip!

Just like Pahalgam is a must for any Kashmir travel guide, booking a stay at any of these 10 hotels is also a must. When these hotels are offering such great experiences, how can you say no!

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