‘Maraya’, or mirror in Arabic, is a purpose-built event venue in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. A gem of Saudi’s new north-west, Maraya is a cornerstone of Saudi’s ambitious development plans and now represents a world-class event venue.

Covered entirely in mirrors the building is a stunning visual, reflecting the impressive natural landscape of AlUla – seemingly built with sand and stars, there are few comparisons globally that can match up to the awe-inspiring first impressions of Maraya.

Beyond first glances, Maraya is a modern wonder in a place of ancient wonders. AlUla itself is home to many thousands of years of history – a crossroads of civilizations since 6 BCE. In a place driving change and vision, there is nowhere more fitting to bring your event and add to the incredible history of one of Saudi Arabia’s most precious places.


In a land of ancient civilizations, Maraya is a feat of modern engineering. Designed by Italian Architects Gioforma, the building was named the World’s largest mirrored structure in January 2020 by the Guinness Book of World Records.

At one with its environment, the venue aims to become a place of culture, commerce and celebration, hosting, in its unique location, music events, global conferences and innovative exhibitions.

The 26-metre high theatre seats 550 people who face a giant retractable window of 800 square metres that can open to nature, seamlessly blending environment and entertainment.


Maraya offers flexibility and has been purposely designed to allow for events of all sizes. From the concert of Andrea Bocelli to the first Hegra Nobel Conference, its dynamism has already been put into practice.

Within Maraya

AreaSquare MetresPerson
Main Auditorium  
First Floor VIP Area57040
Media Balcony495100+
VIP boxes12240
Great Hall1200500
Conference Areas  
Ancillary Reception Area27530
VIP meeting rooms x 1164-1920-3
VIP Lounge14440
Conference Hall700200
The Balcony26050
Reception Area705100


Maraya has three main dining areas which can cater to a silver service plated dinner to a buffet for 500. This includes an open-air roof terrace which allows guests to sit under a blanket of stars or view AlUla’s breath-taking landscape from a height.

AreaSquare MetresPerson
VIP Dining Room24540
Indoor Roof Terrace70075
Outdoor Roof Terrace1045100
Panoramic Viewing Terrace31750


Maraya lies within 15 minutes of three of the region’s most significant historical sites. UNESCO World Heritage site, Hegra is the second largest Nabatean city after Petra, yet – you can be one of only a handful who have witnessed its beauty in the modern day.

Also visit Jabal Ikmah and see the rock art of the Ancient Arabian civilizations, see the capital of the Dadans and see the Hijaz Railway.

AlUla is a gateway to the Red Sea and a trip can be combined with cruising and island hopping or a golf escape at King Abdulla Economic City

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AlUla has a regional airport with Riyadh and Jeddah a short 1.5 hour flight.

Private jets and international charters can also land at AlUla airport, we have 8 aprons and a new Executive terminal.

Maraya is a 40 minute drive from the airport.


Travelling from Medina or Tabuk by road you can reach AlUla and Maraya in 3.5 hours.


Equipment can be brought in through the sea port at Jeddah and KAEC.


AlUla’s accommodation is developed to allow you to immerse in the beauty that surrounds you without creating impact on the environment it is set in.

Examples Currently Available




Frequently asked questions About AlUla

Q. Where is AlUla ?

A – Al-‘Ula … Al-‘Ula (Arabic: ٱلْعُلَا‎ al-ʿulā), is a city of the Medina Region in north-western Saudi Arabia.

Q. How far is Al Ula from Riyadh?

A – Distance from Riyadh to Al ‘Ulá is 909 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 565 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Riyadh and Al ‘Ulá is 909 km= 565 miles.

Q. How do I get to AlUla?

A – Saudia Airlines and flynas fly into and out of AlUla’s Prince Abdul Majeed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (ULH). The newly renovated airport is a beautiful and welcoming entrance into AlUla, located just 35 km (a 30-minute drive) from the city centre.

Q. How far is Al Ula from Jeddah?

A – The distance from Jeddah to Al Ula is 350 miles (564 kilometers).

Q. How far is Al Ula from Madinah?

A – The distance between MadinahAl Madinah Province, Saudi Arabia to Al Ula, Saudi Arabia is 367.43 km (228 miles) and it would cost 52 USD ~ 195 SAR to drive in a car that consumes about 13 MPG.

Q. Does Saudi Arabia allow tourism?

A – Saudi Arabia is the second biggest tourist destination in the Middle East with over 16 million visiting in 2017. On 27 September 2019, Saudi Arabia formally announced the issuance of the tourist visa to visitors from 49 countries for a fee of $80. The visa can be either obtained online (eVisa) or on arrival.

Q. Is Al Ula open?

A – AlUla is an unseen wonder of the world, and boasts of Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, Hegra. This site is now open for public without any restriction; people can now visit and view the remains of a remarkable and mysterious civilization.

Q. How do you get to Madain Saleh?

A – Hence, far and away the best way to visit Madain Saleh is to come over in your own car, with buddies from Hail/Medina/Jeddah/Riyadh. Rent a car or come in one you own. The drive over is part of the fun, 6-8 hours from Jeddah or Riyadh.

Q. Is Saudi Arabia Safe?

A – Saudi Arabia – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider Travel to Saudi Arabia due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Saudi Arabia due to terrorism and the threat of missile and drone attacks on civilian targets.

Q. what is famous MARAYA?

A – The 500-seat hall hosting the delegations, Maraya, is also the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest mirrored building, with visitors treated to a reflection of the beautiful desert landscape of AlUla.

Q. What is maraya?

A – Maraya (Arabic: مرايا‎, lit. … ‘Mirrors’) is a well known satiric multi-season Syrian television series, created by the comedian Yasser al-Azmeh, starting from 1982 to 2013.

Q. What experience does Maraya offer?

A – Below is the list of Experiences.

  • Hegra Tour.
  • Dadan & Jabal Ikmah Tour.
  • AlUla Old Town Tour.
  • Adventure Experiences.
  • Heritage Experiences.
  • Nature & Outdoor Experiences.
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