Las Vegas Playlists – Great Music by Las Vegas Musicians

Las Vegas Playlists
Las Vegas Playlists

Las Vegas Playlists: What kind of music comes out of Sin City? The result may surprise you. Power pop, indie rock, and emo bands populate this playlist as the emotional side of Las Vegas come to the fore. From stars like Brendan Urie to Imagine Dragons, this playlist showcases music stars to come out of Las Vegas.

  1. Mr. Brightside – The Killers – 2004

Mr. Brightside was one of the most recognizable opening riffs of the 2000s, possibly one of the most listened to songs of the decade. The song that launched a thousand memes, Mr. Brightside, would return to cultural relevance in 2010 as one of the Internet’s most-loved songs.

  1. Miss Independent – Ne-Yo – 2008

The aptly titled Year of the Gentleman, Ne-Yo, the lead single has embodied the quality of a stylish gentleman in nearly three decades of music. Their 2008 major commercial success followed with a Grammy Award nomination for Album of the Year.

  1. I write sins not tragedies – panic! At the Disco – 2005

Produced by childhood friends Brendan Urie, Ryan Ross, and Spencer Smith, Terror! Emo at the Disco was one of the leading bands of the power pop era. The band would release six studio albums on their way to becoming one of the most popular high school bands of the decade.

  1. Only the Young – Brandon Flowers – 2010

Brandon Flowers, the frontman of The Killers Band, also released solo music between the band’s albums. Growing up as a Mormon outside of Las Vegas, Flowers credits the city’s proximity to it as a great testing ground for his musical abilities. Flowers released two studio albums as a solo artist and five with The Killers.

  1. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons – 2012

One of the best-selling bands of 2010, Imagine Dragons released four albums in the decade and sold over twenty million albums worldwide.

  1. Drug in Me is You – Falling in Rivers – 2011

Formed while the band’s frontman was still in prison, Falling Rivers became a member of the hardcore, glam metal scene. The band released four albums in 2010 and toured extensively.

  1. Angel with a Shotgun – CAB – 2011

One of the most critically acclaimed alternative rock bands of the 2000s, The Cab released only two albums but both were highly rated by alternative music magazines.

  1. Me! – Taylor Swift, Brendan Urie

Known as the lead singer and frontman of Panic! In disco, Brendan Urie has also entered a solo career. One of her first big projects was working with Taylor Swift on her 2019 single ME!

  1. Insurance – Higher – 2007

Pop-rock band The Highers toured extensively from 2002 to 2012 and were a staple for pop-punk and emo shows throughout the decade.

  1. Where My Girls At – 702 – 1999

Hip-hop group 702 featured a Neo Motown style with modern hip-hop influences. They were most popular in the 90s and released three studio albums.

  1. An Rough Routine – Curl Up & Dye – 2005

Founded in 1998, Curl Up & Die is a metalcore band that released two albums in the 2000s. He also released four EPs and several singles.

  1. Baddest – Amarionette – 2018

Post-hardcore band Amarionette released three albums in 2010 to go along with several singles.

  1. Super Lowkey – Gegivens – 2015

Christian hip-hop musician Jegivenss has released four studio albums, three of them independently. He continues to make music tours throughout the region.

  1. One for the Money – Escape the Fate – 2013

Formed in 2004, Escape the Fate is called screamo, metalcore, or hard emo with their heavy instrumental and crackling vocals. He released six studio albums between 2006 and 2018.

  1. Fly to the Angels – Mark Slaughter – 1989

The lead singer and founder of Slaughter, Slaughter work in hard rock and glam metal and sold over five million albums in the ’90s.

  1. Paid In Sin – I Am – 2018

Formed and dissolved in 1995, I Am was classified as progressive rock and alternative rock.

  1. Baby, Please Don’t Go – Frankie Perez – 2014

Based out of Las Vegas, Frankie Perez performs in rock and roll and blues-rock and has toured with such luminaries as Slash and Miles Kennedy. He has performed with several cover bands and even a Finnish metal band. Perez currently sings for a supergroup called Deadland Ritual.

  1. Bankrupt – Skyler Stonestreet – 2018

Singer-songwriter Skyler Stonestreet credits some of the biggest hits of the 2010s. He has worked with artists such as Hailee Steinfield, The Chainsmokers, and Sabrina Carpenter.

  1. The Better Off – The Day After – 2014

A short-lived Las Vegas band, The Day After featured a 90s alternative rock sound to go along with quality songwriting, which won them a cadre of loyal fans.

  1. Gone in a Flash – Backhouse Lily – 2012

Rock duo Backhouse Lille has hard rock influences to go with its more twenty-first-century sensibility. He released four albums in 2010.

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