House of Music designed by a Japanese architect opens in Budapest

House of Music in Budapest
House of Music in Budapest

A new cultural location designed by Japanese architect Su Fujimoto has opened its doors in Budapest City Park. The new cultural location in Budapest is the House of Music. It stands out for its stunning beauty with a roof that looks like a mushroom cap or a piece of cheese. The undulating roof is adorned with 100 crater windows in which trees grow. Thus, not a single tree was damaged during the construction of the building in the park. The total area of the House of Music is 9 thousand square meters.

The House of Music will host a variety of musical events. In addition to concerts, there are exhibitions on the history of music, lectures, and masterclasses for musicians.

Designed to look like an extension of the landscape, the building’s façade is made of glass, giving the impression that the roof is floating in the air. And thanks to the thin columns supporting the roof of the House of Music and the glass walls, it seems that the visitor is not in the building, but is walking through the musical forest.

“ We were fascinated by the many trees in the city park and inspired by the space created by them. The canopy covers and protects the premises of the House of Music, and at the same time allows the sun’s rays to reach the ground. I conceived an open floor plan where the boundaries between inside and outside blur, as an extension of the natural environment, ” Designboom quoted architect Su Fujimoto as saying.

From the inside, the roof and the openings in it are covered with gold-colored panels, so that both during the day and at night, the building is flooded with dazzling light.

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