Bhutan – Top Offbeat Places To Visit


Bhutan has been an inherent gem of a place for a long time and is now gaining much-deserved recognition as a tourist destination only. From the mighty mountain ranges to the beautiful monasteries where solitude can be found, Bhutan has a lot to see in tourist places.

However, Bhutan has much more than the usual tourist spots. If you are a person who loves going the beaten path and is in for a pleasant surprise, then this list of Bhutan’s top five offbeat destinations is definitely something that will appeal to you. Plan your Bhutan itinerary in advance, with a mix of popular tourist destinations, as well as a destination for the unconventional to enrich the traditional cultural experience the store has in store for you.

Offbeat Places in Bhutan

Haa Valley

Located in the Haya district in Bhutan, the place offers you beautiful panoramic views of the mountain ranges, comparable to Paro, but without the chaos and hassle of crowds of tourists. Being populated with mostly locals, you will also get better exposure and experience of authentic Bhutanese culture. The best time to visit Bhutan is during the months of March to May and September and November. If traveling from Thimphu, it is advisable to stay there for a day, so that you have enough time to enjoy all the attractions in and around the Ha Valley.

The National Folk Heritage Museum

The best way to learn about the history of any country’s traditions is through its museums, and while in Bhutan, you certainly cannot miss this traditional three-story museum in Thimphu, which gives you time But takes you back and walks through the rich history, culture and traditions of Bhutanese villages through pottery, costumes, and scriptures.

Bumthang Valley

Located in the Bumthang district of Bhutan, this valley is sometimes locally called ‘Switzerland of the East, and so on. The snow-capped mountains, lush green countryside, and smooth and clean river rivers give this valley town a very European feel, just a fraction of the cost. Visit this unseen gem during winter, before it is seen and crowded by a lot of tourists.

Kila Nunnery

If you are a fan of hiking and trekking, then you will enjoy a refreshing walk in this nun in the Paro city of the Bhutan Valley. Although Paro itself is a popular destination, this nunnery is located only an hour and a half drive from the same and is still a hidden gem unknown to many tourists. Marvel at the beautiful architecture and serene environment of this Nunnery and enjoy the prayer flags that surround your flag, as well as admire the panoramic views and landscapes of the Himalayas around you.

Bonus Destination: National Handloom Development Project

This firm, run by the National Women’s Association of Bhutan, provides employment opportunities to local women in Bhutan, and thus you can find lots of authentic Bhutanese prints and patterns by people who have been practicing this skill for generations. Some items are also available for sale, and once you visit this place, you definitely won’t want to miss out on these, plan a small shopping spree at this attraction and some good quality handlooms. Take the products at home. Another benefit of this place is that you can participate in a handloom weaving workshop and gain first-hand experience of the knitting process, an experience that can prepare you to come back home!

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