North East India – Top 5 Unique Dishes

North East

North East India is famous for its evergreen forests, pleasant climate, snow peaks, and rich flavors that are delicious through the myriad and extremely popular cuisine of this destination. Composed of seven states, the entire region is visited by tourists throughout the year. If this is your first time, go ahead and book a special North-East package to find out better and assure us that you will not be disappointed. In case you are wondering what dishes or dishes you want there, while there is no fuss, we have you covered. Read on to discover the five cuisines when you are traveling overseas North East.

Laksa: Relish the taste of Asam Laksa in Guwahati

The main ingredient in this soup-like dish is rice noodles mixed with any type of meat (fish, chicken, or prawns). The rest of the ingredients list is made up of coconut milk, local spices, and a little tamarind. The taste of tamarind mixed with the sweetness of coconut milk gives this dish a wonderful taste and aroma. The broth does an incredible job of feeling warm and full, even in cold areas. Foreign cuisines such as thukpa, laksa, and a variety of momos are some of the places to visit in Guwahati.

Smoked Pork: Let Nagaland satiate your taste buds with the magical taste of this specialty

Any list of North East food is incomplete without mentioning the different pork dishes that the locals of Nagaland enjoy. This smoked pork is juicy yet juicy. The dish is prepared in both wet (egg curry) and dry forms. The thing that makes it even more delicious is the presence of bamboo seedlings on the inside, which brings a smoky taste. Fermented soybeans called Akhuni and fermented yam leaves called Anishi are also used at times to strengthen the taste. Oh, and it is made using the world-famous bhut jolokia pepper from above.

Iromba: A Manipuri delight that will leave you craving for more

Originated from Manipur, it is a healthy mixture of vegetables and meat. You can have it as rice, flatbread or main dish. The dish also serves as a snack. The dish is cooked in two ways – with Mayang Maton Garnish or with Tokinkoking Garnish. The ingredients used range from chopped vegetables, cayenne to fermented fish, making it an absolute fan-favorite.

Bamboo Shoot Fry: A vegetarian delight of Meghalaya

One of the most delicious vegetarian dishes to come out of the region, the main ingredient of this fry is bamboo shoots, which are a unique choice. Although shooting is very common here, the natives use it in pickles and also prepare other dishes. This bamboo shoot fry is the humility of Meghalaya. For cooking, one-foot-long tender bamboo shoots are made, skinned, and cut into small pieces. It is then cooked slowly with fenugreek, dry red chili, and baking soda. The dish is served with traditional wine or jaggery tea.

Shapale: A compelling reason to include Sikkim in your itinerary, its rich flavors will definitely worth a visit

Think deep-fried meat fries and you have a Shapale. This dish is like a deep-fried momo or samosa for filling meats. It is an extremely popular street food in Sikkim, so ask your operator to cover it on your Sikkim tourism package. The dish consists of a crispy, crispy outer flour, while the inside is tender meat (chicken or lamb) and sliced onions with spices. Take it with roadside soup or cayenne sauce and the taste will leave you speechless. To taste this delicacy, MG Road in Gangtok is a place to visit in Sikkim.

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