Benaulim Beach: A Travel Guide

Benaulim Beach

Goa is all about beautiful beaches, thrilling water sports, and mesmerizing nightlife. The land of beaches has everything to keep you entertained during your visit. That being said, if you want to enjoy the Goan lifestyle but without too many crowds, we have the perfect place for you. Benaulim Beach!

Among the places to visit in South Goa, Benaulim beach is the ideal place for you to enjoy almost everything Goa has to offer. Just a pinch of peace added to that place as the place is relatively less crowded.

If you are already tempted to travel to Benaulim, just plan your next trip here. Don’t worry about itinerary, accommodation, things to do there and all because we are there to help. Here is a comprehensive travel guide to Benaulim beach, curated to help you plan a perfect trip. Read on to know more.

How to reach Benaulim Beach?

Benaulim beach is quite easily accessible. Reach Goa by railway, opt for roadways or fly to Goa. And from the airport or railway station, you can also avail bus, shuttle or taxi to reach Benaulim. If you ask us, we would recommend hiring a private car to make your trip to Benaulim convenient and hassle-free.

Even if you are going from Panaji, the capital of Goa, you can take a taxi and you will reach here in about 40 minutes.

Best time to visit Benaulim Beach

The best time to visit is during the winter months. You will get clear skies and pleasant weather throughout the day. This is the ideal season to indulge in beach activities! You can also plan your trip in the months of February to May. Why so?

Because although the weather is comparatively hot during the day, you will still be able to enjoy sightseeing. The monsoon months are a big no-no! You obviously don’t want the rain to interrupt your water and beach activities. So, overall the months between October to May are the most suitable period to visit Benaulim.

Places to visit near Benaulim Beach

Here are the places near the beach that you can visit during your trip!

Saint John the Baptist Church

When you are visiting Benaulim beach, make sure to stop by this famous church located 4 km away from the beach. You will be mesmerized by the Goan-Christian architectural style displayed by the church. The beautiful chapel adorned in white is a sight to behold. You can visit this church on weekdays between 9 am to 6 pm. A quick tip! Come here early in the morning to avoid the crowds and feel the calm atmosphere in the best possible way.

Swami Ayurveda

Visit this health treatment center and feel at ease. You can do Ayurvedic massage which will heal your body and mind instantly. Or you can opt for various Ayurvedic treatments. For a rejuvenating experience, we would highly suggest that you try yoga sessions organized by yoga experts. You will feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you enter this place as the staff is very courteous and friendly.

Things to do at Benaulim Beach

What to do at the beach? A lot! So, let’s get started!

Jet Skiing

Enjoy the thrilling experience of seawater surfing on a jet ski boat. With the rushing speeds, the cool water splashes, and the beautiful scenery, everything adds up to make for an incredible experience!


What about flying in with the birds watching the views of the beach and the surrounding? If this sounds exciting to you, then opt for parasailing at Benaulim beach so that you can have the same experience. The breathtaking views of Benaulim beach will surely grab your attention.

Dolphin Spotting

One of the most adorable things to do on the beach is to watch the dolphins play. Go on a dolphin safari and you will be taken to places where dolphins are commonly seen roaming the sea. Don’t forget to click some candid pictures of these cute creatures.

Watching sunset

Watching the sunset is a must-do activity when you are on any beach in Goa. The golden and orange hues in the sky at sunset will mesmerize you with its beauty. You can also book hotels and resorts in Benaulim beach that offer sunset views from the rooms.

Nightlife at Benaulim Beach

Music, dancing, live performances, and food, are what Benaulim Beach nightlife is all about. With plenty of options, to party at a bar cum restaurant or a beach shack till early morning. It will be a thrilling experience for you to dance to some popular music tracks with a huge crowd on the beach. If you’re with your spouse, you can even take them out for a romantic candlelit dinner at a restaurant on the beach. This will be a memorable night for you!

Let us now tell you the names of some popular restaurants and nightclubs where you can enjoy the nightlife in Goa. Jack’s Corner, Saffron Bar and Restaurant, Harry’s Lounge, Fife Bar Restaurant, and Art Escape.

Places to stay near Benaulim Beach

To make your stay in Benaulim beach a perfect place, we have some tips for you!

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa

Lodge at one of the oceanfront premium Benaulim Beach Hotels and sign up for a luxurious stay in Benaulim. You can enjoy a private beach at the edge of the Arabian Sea at this resort. There is also a spa, private pool, fitness center, and restaurant.

Joecons Beach Resort and Spa

With tropical gardens, a huge pool, a bar, and a beach shack, Joacons is another Benaulim beach where you can have an amazing stay. You can easily reach Benaulim beach just a 10-minute walk from here.

L’amour Beach Resort

Book the spacious cottages of this resort and enjoy the sea view right from your room. The views will be truly amazing! In addition, you can participate in various water sports here!

Apart from these, some of the more famous hotels in Benaulim beach are Start of the Sea Resort, Lotus Suites, San Joao Holiday Homes, and Peles Place Guest House.

Places to devour food at Benaulim Beach

Let food be a constant companion when you explore Benaulim beach. And there are many more places where you can have a delicious bite!

Lobster Shack

This is one of the most famous Benaulim beach shacks. We would highly recommend you to try some of its myriad seafood options. they are delicious!

Seagull Beach Shack

Indulge in delicious seafood at one of the oldest beach shacks in Benaulim. You will love the warm welcome given to its owner every time you visit.

Coco’s Beach Shack

For some authentic Goan cuisine, you should definitely check out this beach shack. Removable food, reasonable price, prompt service, you can enjoy it here.

Valonias Beach Shack

Come to this beach shack to enjoy some delectable live music. You will be warmly welcomed here and there will be plenty of food options.

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