Around the world in 180-days cruise (33 countries & 96 ports)

Around the World

If you ever dreamt of sailing around the world on a beautiful cruise, then this news will definitely lift your spirits! Oceania Cruises, a renowned cruise firm, has just announced its latest voyage which will take place in 2023. The company’s Around the World in 180 Days voyage is now open for booking and interested people can now start planning their sea journey.

As per reports, the journey will begin on January 15, 2023, from San Francisco port and will take the travelers on a whirlwind covering 96 destinations within 33 countries! The journey will take people through four continents for nearly six months. Guests on-board will also get access to more than 60 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Destinations that will be covered

As per the official website, the cruise will cover places across South America, Asia, Africa, and North America. In addition, guests will also get opportunities to witness Antarctica up, close, and personal while passing through Admiralty Bay, Paradise Bay, and Half Moon Island.

The cruise will also cover more than 20 ports-of-call wherein several days stays for guests will be included. Guests will also get an opportunity to enjoy on-shore excursions and they can also attend five exclusive events, which are:

1) Argentinian Cultural Exposition in Buenos Aires
2) An afternoon at the Boschendal Winery in Cape Town
3) An evening at Al Maha Desert Dune in the Arabian Desert. Here guests can be a part of the Bedouin experience featuring tribal music, dance, and the falcon show.
4) Burmese Monk Donation Ceremony in Yangon, Myanmar
5) An evening at Vung Duc Cave in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay.

The voyage package will include first-class roundtrip airfare in North America, medical care, unlimited internet, laundry services, visa package, and roundtrip transfers, among others.


The ultimate port collector’s treasure, this 180-day voyage is the fulfillment of an epic travel dream: circumnavigating the globe on the voyage of a lifetime. From exotic cities and coastal villages to soaring mountains and breathtaking islands, the many facets of this globe-roaming masterpiece will intrigue even the most seasoned travelers.

Special Offers

With our limited-time inclusive package, enjoy OLife Choice*, choose one:
FREE – 64 Shore Excursions
FREE – Beverage Package
FREE – US$6,400 Shipboard Credit
Amenities are per stateroom


Exclusive Prestige Package*:
FREE Pre-Paid Gratuities – a value of up to US$8,200
FREE Onboard Medical Care
FREE Internet
FREE Laundry Services
FREE Exclusive Shoreside Events
FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Luxury Hotel Stay
FREE Transfer between Hotel and Ship
FREE US$1,000 Shipboard Credit per stateroom


Jan 15 SunSan Francisco, California, United StatesEmbark 1 PM11 PM
Jan 16 MonCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 17 TueEnsenada, Mexico8 AM5 PM
Jan 18 WedCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 19 ThuCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 20 FriManzanillo, Mexico10 AM7 PM
Jan 21 SatZihuatanejo (Ixtapa), Mexico 10 AM7 PM
Jan 22 SunAcapulco, Mexico8 AM6 PM
Jan 23 MonCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 24 TuePuerto Chiapas, Mexico8 AM6 PM
Jan 25 WedPuerto Quetzal, Guatemala8 AM9 PM
Jan 26 ThuAcajutla, El Salvador7 AM5 PM
Jan 27 FriCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 28 SatCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 29 SunManta, Ecuador5 AM6 PM
Jan 30 MonCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 31 TueSalaverry, Peru5 AM4 PM
Feb 1 WedLima/Machu Picchu (Callao), Peru10 AM11 PM
Feb 2 ThuPisco/Nazca Lines, Peru8 AM7 PM
Feb 3 FriCruising the Pacific Ocean
Feb 4 SatArica, Chile8 AM6 PM
Feb 5 SunIquique, Chile8 AM6 PM
Feb 6 MonCruising the Pacific Ocean
Feb 7 TueCoquimbo, Chile7 AM4 PM
Feb 8 WedSantiago de Chile (San Antonio), Chile7 AM7 PM
Feb 9 ThuCruising the Pacific Ocean
Feb 10 FriPuerto Montt, Chile 8 AM5 PM
Feb 11 SatPuerto Chacabuco, Chile11 AM8 PM
Feb 12 SunCruising the Chilean Fjords
Feb 13 MonCruising the Chilean Fjords
Feb 14 TuePunta Arenas, Chile7 AM4 PM
Feb 15 WedUshuaia, Argentina11 AM8 PM
Feb 16 ThuCruising the Drake Passage
Feb 17 FriCruising By Admiralty Bay, Antarctica
Feb 18 SatCruising By Paradise Bay, Antarctica
Feb 19 SunCruising By Half Moon Island, Antarctica
Feb 20 MonCruising the Drake Passage
Feb 21 TuePort Stanley, Falkland Islands 7 AM6 PM
Feb 22 WedCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Feb 23 ThuCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Feb 24 FriPunta Del Este, Uruguay 8 AM6 PM
Feb 25 SatBuenos Aires, Argentina8 AM
Feb 26 SunBuenos Aires, Argentina7 PM
Feb 27 MonMontevideo, Uruguay8 AM6 PM
Feb 28 TueCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 1 WedCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 2 ThuSao Paulo (Santos), Brazil7 AM6 PM
Mar 3 FriRio de Janeiro, Brazil9 AM
Mar 4 SatRio de Janeiro, Brazil7 PM
Mar 5 SunCabo Frio, Brazil 8 AM4 PM
Mar 6 MonVitória, Brazil8 AM6 PM
Mar 7 TueCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 8 WedSalvador, Brazil7 AM5 PM
Mar 9 ThuMaceió, Brazil11 AM8 PM
Mar 10 FriRecife, Brazil8 AM6 PM
Mar 11 SatNatal, Brazil7 AM4 PM
Mar 12 SunFortaleza, Brazil9 AM6 PM
Mar 13 MonCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 14 TueCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 15 WedCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 16 ThuMindelo (São Vicente), Cape Verde10 AM7 PM
Mar 17 FriCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 18 SatDakar, Senegal8 AM6 PM
Mar 19 SunBanjul, Gambia7 AM4 PM
Mar 20 MonCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 21 TueCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 22 WedAbidjan, Ivory Coast10 AM7 PM
Mar 23 ThuSekondi-Takoradi, Ghana8 AM5 PM
Mar 24 FriLome, Togo9 AM7 PM
Mar 25 SatCotonou, Benin7 AM6 PM
Mar 26 SunCruising the Gulf of Guinea
Mar 27 MonSao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe 8 AM4 PM
Mar 28 TueCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 29 WedCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 30 ThuCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Mar 31 FriWalvis Bay, Namibia8 AM
Apr 1 SatWalvis Bay, Namibia5 PM
Apr 2 SunLuderitz, Namibia9 AM6 PM
Apr 3 MonCruising the Atlantic Ocean
Apr 4 TueCape Town, South Africa8 AM
Apr 5 WedCape Town, South Africa
Apr 6 ThuCape Town, South Africa4 PM
Apr 7 FriMossel Bay, South Africa 9 AM6 PM
Apr 8 SatCruising the Indian Ocean
Apr 9 SunDurban, South Africa8 AM9 PM
Apr 10 MonRichards Bay, South Africa6 AM4 PM
Apr 11 TueMaputo, Mozambique8 AM5 PM
Apr 12 WedCruising the Mozambique Channel
Apr 13 ThuCruising the Mozambique Channel
Apr 14 FriMayotte, French Comoros 11 AM7 PM
Apr 15 SatNosy Be, Madagascar 9 AM5 PM
Apr 16 SunCruising the Indian Ocean
Apr 17 MonMahe, Seychelles1 PM
Apr 18 TueMahe, Seychelles4 AM
Apr 18 TueLa Digue, Seychelles 8 AM4 PM
Apr 19 WedCruising the Indian Ocean
Apr 20 ThuCruising the Arabian Sea
Apr 21 FriCruising the Arabian Sea
Apr 22 SatSalalah, Oman8 AM5 PM
Apr 23 SunCruising the Arabian Sea
Apr 24 MonMuscat, Oman8 AM5 PM
Apr 25 TueDubai, United Arab Emirates1 PM
Apr 26 WedDubai, United Arab Emirates7 PM
Apr 27 ThuFujairah, United Arab Emirates9 AM6 PM
Apr 28 FriCruising the Arabian Sea
Apr 29 SatCruising the Arabian Sea
Apr 30 SunMumbai, India8 AM
May 1 MonMumbai, India5 PM
May 2 TueGoa (Mormugao), India9 AM7 PM
May 3 WedMangalore, India8 AM5 PM
May 4 ThuCochin (Kochi), India8 AM5 PM
May 5 FriColombo, Sri Lanka1 PM
May 6 SatColombo, Sri Lanka6 PM
May 7 SunCruising the Bay of Bengal
May 8 MonCruising the Bay of Bengal
May 9 TueCruising the Andaman Sea
May 10 WedYangon, Myanmar8 AM
May 11 ThuYangon, Myanmar
May 12 FriYangon, Myanmar5 PM
May 13 SatCruising the Andaman Sea
May 14 SunPhuket, Thailand8 AM5 PM
May 15 MonPenang, Malaysia8 AM5 PM
May 16 TueKuala Lumpur (Port Klang), Malaysia7 AM6 PM
May 17 WedSingapore, Singapore1 PM
May 18 ThuSingapore, Singapore6 PM
May 19 FriCruising the Gulf of Thailand
May 20 SatKo Samui, Thailand 8 AM5 PM
May 21 SunBangkok, Thailand10 AM
May 22 MonBangkok, Thailand3 PM
May 23 TueSihanoukville, Cambodia10 AM10 PM
May 24 WedCruising the South China Sea
May 25 ThuSaigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam8 AM
May 26 FriSaigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam3 PM
May 27 SatNha Trang, Vietnam 9 AM5 PM
May 28 SunHue (Chan May), Vietnam12 PM
May 29 MonHue (Chan May), Vietnam3 PM
May 30 TueHanoi (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam 9 AM8 PM
May 31 WedCruising the South China Sea
Jun 1 ThuHong Kong, China8 AM
Jun 2 FriHong Kong, China5 PM
Jun 3 SatXiamen, China1 PM
Jun 4 SunXiamen, China2 PM
Jun 5 MonCruising the East China Sea
Jun 6 TueShanghai, China7 AM
Jun 7 WedShanghai, China6 PM
Jun 8 ThuCruising the Yellow Sea
Jun 9 FriBeijing (Tianjin), China2 PM
Jun 10 SatBeijing (Tianjin), China7 PM
Jun 11 SunDalian, China9 AM7 PM
Jun 12 MonCruising the Yellow Sea
Jun 13 TueMoji, Japan11 AM11 PM
Jun 14 WedNagasaki, Japan11 AM7 PM
Jun 15 ThuKagoshima, Japan7 AM3 PM
Jun 16 FriHiroshima, Japan10 AM7 PM
Jun 17 SatKyoto (Kobe), Japan9 AM
Jun 18 SunKyoto (Kobe), Japan3 PM
Jun 19 MonShimizu, Japan12 PM8 PM
Jun 20 TueTokyo, Japan8 AM
Jun 21 WedTokyo, Japan7 PM
Jun 22 ThuCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jun 23 FriAomori, Japan8 AM11 PM
Jun 24 SatHakodate, Japan7 AM4 PM
Jun 25 SunCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jun 26 MonCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jun 27 TuePetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia 8 AM10 PM
Jun 28 WedInt’l Date Line East
Jun 28 WedCruising the Bering Sea
Jun 29 ThuCruising the Bering Sea
Jun 30 FriDutch Harbor (Aleutian Islands), Alaska 7 AM6 PM
Jul 1 SatCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jul 2 SunKodiak, Alaska8 AM6 PM
Jul 3 MonSeward, Alaska7 AM5 PM
Jul 4 TueCruising Hubbard Glacier
Jul 5 WedJuneau, Alaska9 AM6 PM
Jul 6 ThuSitka, Alaska 9 AM4 PM
Jul 7 FriPrince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada11 AM8 PM
Jul 8 SatCruising the Inside Passage
Jul 9 SunVictoria, British Columbia, Canada9 AM6 PM
Jul 10 MonAstoria, Oregon, United States9 AM6 PM
Jul 11 TueCruising the Pacific Ocean
Jul 12 WedSan Francisco, California, United States8 AM
Jul 13 ThuSan Francisco, California, United StatesDisembark 8 AM

Voyage Map


Fares are based on double occupancy.

OS – Owner’s Suite$175,299$158,7996, 7, 81,000 / 92WAIT LIST
VS – Vista Suite$155,299$138,7996, 7786 / 73WAIT LIST
PH1 – Penthouse Suite$115,299$98,7998322 / 29WAIT LIST
PH2 – Penthouse Suite$112,299$95,7998322 / 29WAIT LIST
PH3 – Penthouse Suite$109,299$92,7998322 / 29WAIT LIST
A1 – Concierge Level Veranda$86,799$70,2997, 8216 / 20WAIT LIST
A2 – Concierge Level Veranda$84,799$68,2996, 7216 / 20WAIT LIST
A3 – Concierge Level Veranda$83,299$66,7997216 / 20GUARANTEED
B1 – Veranda Stateroom$81,299$64,7996216 / 20WAIT LIST
B2 – Veranda Stateroom$79,299$62,7996216 / 20WAIT LIST
Ocean View
C1 – Deluxe Ocean View$70,299$53,7994, 6, 7165 / 15WAIT LIST
C2 – Deluxe Ocean View$68,799$52,2994165 / 15GUARANTEED
D – Ocean View$66,799$50,2993165 / 15GUARANTEED
E – Ocean View$65,299$48,7996143 / 13WAIT LIST
Inside Staterooms
F – Inside Stateroom$63,299$46,7997, 8160 / 14WAIT LIST
G – Inside Stateroom$61,299$44,7994, 6, 7160 / 14WAIT LIST

More Details………

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