Terrible Habits of Air Passengers That Annoy Us

Terrible Habits of Air Passengers That Annoy Us
Terrible Habits of Air Passengers That Annoy Us

Terrible Habits of Air Passengers That Annoy Us: Do you want to cheat your fellow travelers? Here are the most annoying things you can do on an airplane.

We all experienced this at least once in flight. You just took a window seat and chose your favorite movie, but the most terrible person sat next to you.

Whom it depends on your personality type. While some people love to chat, others find talkative people a nightmare. And while some people may enjoy cooing over cute babies, others hate a flight filled with crying.

But some examples of terrible behavior are universal. Poor hygiene and stinky food can annoy even the most relaxed travelers. And as rules on the use of masks on planes begin to loosen, many will be willing to see passengers continue to wear them if it reduces the chances of loud talking and drooling snoring.

To reveal our worst habits on an airplane, Only Wanderlust conducted a study and identified the 20 most annoying things air passengers do. They interviewed more than 1,500 air passengers and asked what annoys them the most about fellow travelers.

So, whether you’re flying long distances or just traveling around Europe, here are some things to avoid if you want your fellow travelers to be happy.

20 most annoying things to do on a plane

20. “Night Owl” – bright screens of phones or tablets during night flights.

19. Passengers who spread their legs, also known as manspreading.

18. Passengers who applaud when the plane lands.

17. A passenger who puts his feet on or between your seats.

16. When your neighbor takes up the entire armrest.

15. When your neighbor is talking to you during the flight.

14. Weak bladder. People who regularly get up from their seats.

13. Passengers eating smelly food.

12. Passengers get up and pull out luggage as soon as the plane lands.

11. Stinky feet. The passenger removes socks or shoes.

10. A passenger who snores.

9. Passengers without masks.

8. A passenger with a strong smell of perfume or toilet water.

7. The person in front of you reclines his seat hard.

6. Crying babies or children.

5. Drunk or tipsy flyers.

4. Your seat is pulled or leaned on.

3. Other passengers who talk loudly.

2. Stinky – a passenger with an unpleasant body odor.

And the first place goes to…

1. Seat kicker. Yes, that’s right, kicking the seat is the most annoying thing that can happen on an airplane. Usually a tactic of naughty kids, seat kicking is an old way to piss people off.

According to the survey, women are more annoyed by body odor than being kicked in the seat, and people between the ages of 35 and 55 are more annoyed by loud talking.

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