Safest Airlines in the World 2022

Safest Airlines in the World 2022
Safest Airlines in the World 2022

Safest Airlines in the World 2022: While many of us missed our holidays due to the pandemic, 2022 could be the year international travel becomes a reality again.

AirlineRatings.com analyzed 385 different airlines to find the 20 safest in the world. In a separate survey, they also collected the top 10 low-cost airlines. So whether you’re flying first-class or economy class, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

To come up with their top 20, AirlineRatings.com experts took into account a number of factors, including serious incident records from the past two years, government inspections, fleet age, and of course, COVID-19 safety protocols.

Which airline is the safest to fly in 2022?

Air New Zealand took first place in the rankings thanks to a number of safety improvements it has made since the last report, including the use of real-time aircraft engine monitoring and a new air navigation system. The airline also has a very young fleet – the average age of its aircraft is only 6.8 years.

The survey also took into account that the airline operates in difficult weather conditions and in remote areas.

“Air New Zealand is very pleased to receive this recognition, especially given the high safety standards that the aviation industry adheres to. We are in good company and we congratulate all the airlines on the list,” Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran told AirlineRatings.com.

“Air New Zealand’s promise is to do even more for its passengers. To do this, we must improve our approach to security. For us, safety is not the first priority, but always.”

What other airlines are in the top 20?

Qantas, Australia’s flag carrier, lost its top spot in the rankings due to an incident at Perth Airport in 2018. During the event, the crew of a Boeing 737 that had just left the runway taxied out of the stop lane and nearly collided with another Boeing 737 that was taxiing.

This incident was not reported until 2020, but it impacted the 2021 safety rating when Qantas dropped to seventh.

Etihad Airways of the UAE is in second place and Qatar Airways is third. Other top 20:

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. TAP Air Portugal
  3. CAC
  4. Qantas
  5. Alaska Airlines
  6. EVA Air
  7. Virgin Australia/Atlantic
  8. Cathay Pacific Airways
  9. Hawaiian Airlines
  10. American Airlines
  11. Lufthansa/Swiss Group
  12. Finnair
  13. Air France/KLM Group
  14. British Airways
  15. Delta Air Lines
  16. United Airlines
  17. Emirates

Which are the safest low-cost airlines in 2022?

The rating site has also selected the ten safest low-cost airlines for travelers. While not ranked in any particular order, these are the safest low-cost airlines to fly with this year:

Allegiant, easyJet, Frontier, Jetstar Group, Jetblue, Ryanair, Vietjet, Volaris, Westjet and Wizz.

And if the thought of flying still makes you nervous, remember that air travel is considered the safest form of long-distance travel. In 2018, 4.3 billion passengers safely completed over 46 million flights, according to IATA.

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