5 Breathtaking Temples in Thailand

Temples in Thailand
Temples in Thailand

Temples in Thailand: A perfect place for all types of vacations, Thailand is visited by millions of tourists every year. Nature has blessed Thailand with nothing but the best and so, here you would witness nothing but the best. The countless islands of Thailand all offer something unique and interesting and you want to visit as many as you can so not only you get to witness the sea at its most beautiful but also at its most fun. The adventurous hiking trails in Thailand end up with the most rewarding views that definitely make them worth the effort.

The cities of Thailand are just as happening and interesting as the villages are charming and enjoyable. Thai cuisine has a special spot all over the world and all the credit goes to its brilliant taste. When you book Thailand travel packages from India, you would get to experience everything from the craziest parties to the most relaxing massages. And when you are in Thailand, you cannot ignore the spiritualist side of the country. With more than 33,000 Buddhist temples spread all over the country, it is next to impossible to ignore these architectural marvels. Among the many gorgeous temples in Thailand, we have made a list of five that are guaranteed to take your breath away.

5 Breathtaking Temples in Thailand

1. White Temple

The first on our list is a temple that looks like it was made in someone’s dreams. The architectural beauty of this amazing temple is quite incomprehensible. True to its name, the temple is absolutely white and its creative architecture makes it anything but boring. With its near-perfect reflection in the water in front of it, this temple is straight out of a fairytale. Located in Chiang Rai, this temple is one of those locations in Thailand that you definitely cannot skip visiting on your trip to this wonderful country. Do not take our word for it, visit the white temple and experience the magic by yourself.

2. Sanctuary of Truth

Standing in the heart of Pattaya is its biggest attraction, the Sanctuary of Truth. This temple/museum is made entirely out of wood. No, you would not even find any metal nails in this place. It is nothing but wood. One of the most significant landmarks in Thailand, its quirky architecture keeps on inviting thousands to its doorstep. The temple is crafted in astonishingly intricate designs and its beauty inside matches the beauty of the ocean on the outside. With spectacular views and awe-inspiring design, this temple is a must-visit for everyone.

3. Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew

Famously known as the temple of a million bottles, Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew is different from any religious place that you have ever been to. What makes it stand apart from everything else is the fact that it is constructed using almost one and a half million glass bottles. The glass bottles result in this greenish hue that is as beautiful as it is innovative. It truly is a place like no other and visiting it would prove to be a one-of-a-kind experience. Visit Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew and see how recycling can result in something so beautiful and pure.

4. Wat Arun

If you are a bit familiar with the temples in Thailand then you must have already heard the name Wat Arun, but if you have not, we are here to tell you that you need to visit this temple of the dawn as soon as you can. Located on the Chao Phraya River, the temple lights up with thousands of beautiful lights making a gorgeous reflection on the river in front of it. To witness the true beauty of this temple, it is suggested you visit the place after the sun goes down, hence the name, Temple of the Dawn.

5. Sirindhorn Wararam Phu Prao

Talking about nighttime, there is another breathtaking temple sitting on top of a hill that turns into a magical place every night. Made of fluorescent colors, Sirindhorn Wararam Phu Prao lights up every evening to amaze you with its incomparable beauty. Visiting this temple in the evening is definitely worth your time and since it is on top of a hill, you would find the view from up there is pretty amazing. Among the many gorgeous temples of Thailand, you need to make sure you visit this one too.

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