Tea Gardens in Assam, Top 10

Tea Gardens in Assam

When we think of a tourist destination to travel to northeast India, one of the first states that come to our mind is Assam. A land embellished with perennial rivers, towing hills, soothing weather, and an array of tea gardens, Assam has many attractions to keep you lured when you visit. But, above all the tourist places to visit in Assam, its tea gardens are some of the must-visit ones. Imagine inhaling the strong aroma of freshly harvested tea leaves while witnessing extensive stretches of tea plantations amid scenic locations! It’s a heavenly experience! You can experience it too if you visit the tea estates in Assam.

So, if you are tempted by now to plan your next trip to Assam and explore some of these tea gardens, let us help you a little. Below are the top 10 tea gardens in Assam that are worth adding to your travel guide to Assam.

Nonoi Tea Estate

On your tea garden tour, Nonoi Tea Estate can be the first stop. Take a flight to Tezpur and then reach Nagaon in Assam via roadways. From there, you can book a cab to reach this tea estate within an hour. The journey through the hilly terrains to this 225 meters high tea estate will surely charm you. After reaching here, the first thing that will captivate your eyes is the waterfall, which was named noi-noi in the colloquial British language.

Now you can guess why the name “Noni” has been given to this tea garden. Speaking of this top tea garden in Assam, the estate sprawls over 959.17 hectares of land, where you can witness unending meadows of tea plantations that will soothe your eyes. A reminder here! If you ask the locals about this garden, they will refer to it as Rangamati. So, don’t get confused.

Monabarie Tea Estate

How about visiting the largest tea garden of Assam, as well as of the world? Yes, you can find the largest tea garden in the world in the beautiful Indian state of Assam. Plan your trip to the Biswanath Chariali district. You can take a flight to Tezpur to reach the district and from there, you can hire a cab to reach this tea estate.

Right from the time of approaching the tea garden, your senses will be elevated by the aromatic essence of the fresh tea leaves. And the green and red tea leaves create a spectacular contrast that is worth gazing at. Make sure you have enough time in hand when you visit this largest tea estate in Assam as you will have 1158 hectares of tea plantations to explore.

Halmari Tea Estate

Next on our tea garden in Assam list is the Halmari Tea Estate located in Dibrugarh. You can find the finest quality tea leaves here. And you will be surprised to know that this estate has retained this reputation for 100 years. So, when you are at this Assam famous tea garden, don’t forget to visit this tea estate and inhale the aroma of the fine tea leaves. Also, you must not leave without tasting a cup of tea from the local stalls here.

Corramore Tea Estate

This is another famous tea garden that is worth your visit. Here, you can encounter expansive lands harvesting Camellia Assamica species of tea. Also, look out for the famous Corramore airstrip which is an airplane runway built along the tea plantations. It’s a one-of-a-kind sight! But, you can take a flight to this runway. To reach here, you will have to board a flight to Guwahati and then take the roadways. For your knowledge, this Indian tea garden was not built by any Indian but by Robert Logan who was from Scotland.

Beesakopie Tea Estate

Take a flight to Dibrugarh. Then, go on a road trip to the Tinsukia district near the Burmese border to visit this tea garden which is one of the best among the huge number of tea gardens in Assam. You will find malty Assam tea in this vast tea estate. Walk on the narrow lanes that cut through the tea plantations and inhale the aroma of the tea. Don’t forget to buy some genuine Assam tea leaves to bring back the essence of Assam home.

Mangalam Tea Estate

If you are planning to board a flight to Jorhat to explore wildlife in the government reserve forest in Towkok, surely visit its neighbor, Mangalam Tea estate. You can witness the production of CTC and Orthodox tea in this tea estate. This total tea garden in Assam sprawls over an area of 117.9 hectares and we recommend you to take a stroll here in the early morning. It’s a rejuvenating experience! Also, watching the workers working with utmost dedication to growing the finest tea leaves is an admiring sight indeed.

Ghojrajan Tea Estate

Located in Dibrugarh, Ghojrajan Tea Estate is another watch-worthy place. Here’s what makes it special. In this tea state of Assam, you will find the finest quality Orthodox tea. There’s more! The sight created by the emerald-green tea plantation and the neighboring Ghagra river will be a treat for your eyes. Needless to say, this estate got its name from this river. Make sure you bring along your camera to click some breathtaking pictures of this sight.

Sonapur Tea Estate

You will be intrigued to know that some leading tea companies acquire raw tea leaves from this estate located in Sonapur, Guwahati. So, the morning tea that wakes you up might have its origin here! You can smell the aroma of tea coming from this garden from a great distance. It will surely lure you to this place. You can see a fresh harvest of premium quality CTC and Orthodox tea at this estate. Did you know that this tea estate has been managed by the Bhaduri family for three generations? Well, now you do! If you visit there just before evening, you will get the chance to witness the sunset. And trust us, the sun setting on the horizon of the lush green tea plantation offers a breathtaking view.

Manohari Tea Estate

Board a flight to Dibrugarh, then plan a retreat to this tea estate located in Lahoal along the Indian-Burmese border and sign up for a surreal experience. The verdant bushes of the tea plantation spread across 1000 hectares of land will surely charm you. It’s one of the most beautiful tea estates in Assam. Once you visit, you will agree with us. Not only its beauty but also the rich aroma of the tea leaves here will tempt you. This place is also the producer of high-quality tea and you should not miss procuring some tea leaves from here.

Harmutty Tea Estate

Last, but not least in our list of tea gardens in Assam is the Harmutty Tea Estate built-in 1870. You can guess that it’s one of the oldest tea estates in Assam. After your flight to Lilabari, when you reach here, you will be welcomed by a scenic location created by the amalgamation of tea gardens, hills, and the Dikrong river. After exploring the entire tea garden, relax at a place and sip some strongly brewed tea made from fresh harvests from this garden.

Now you have gone through this travel guide to Assam tea gardens. So, go and chalk out a travel itinerary including some or all of these tea estates in Assam. Once done, plan a trip to Assam and start exploring these stunning tea gardens.

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