Swiss Alps: Most beautiful places

Swiss Alps
Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps: Switzerland is a country located almost entirely in the Alps. It is known for its ski resorts, incredible alpine meadows, and mesmerizing views of mountains and forests. In this country, it is easy to get away from crowds of people and enjoy the peace of untouched nature, which is very, very much in these sparsely populated mountains.

Since Switzerland has already opened air links with Russia, albeit, for the time being only for the inhabitants of their country, there is hope that tourists will soon be able to go here as well. But even among something beautiful, there are especially beautiful places, in such places the most famous resorts are located, and they will be discussed in this article.

The most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps

  1. Gstaad

This small town is located in a very good location. The houses are located in lowland, at the junction of four mountain peaks, which gives this place simply incredible beauty and atmosphere. Only when you go out into the street, you will see a view for which it is not a pity to pay the money that the local hotels ask for.

Do not be afraid that such beauty will flock to contemplate all and sundry. The village has only 7,000 inhabitants, and Gstaad simply cannot physically accommodate a large number of tourists. Therefore, although this place is popular, you will not see crowds of tourists here that could ruin your vacation.

  1. Zermatt

One of the most famous Swiss resorts. This city is located on the very border with Italy. This resort holds many records, for example for the highest ski slope, and for the highest peak in all of Switzerland – Peak Dufour. Because of this fame, Zermatt attracts thousands of tourists every year, and here you can see much more of them than in Gstaad, but even in such a popular place you cannot establish mass tourism, this town itself is too small.

Like the previous one, the city is located in lowland, and it is surrounded by high mountains. However, the main pearl of the city is the Matterhorn peak, which is perfectly visible from any part of the city. Many climbers climb this peak every year, but for the average tourist, this is not accessible, because this requires serious training.

  1. Saas-Fee

Unlike Zermatt, there are no height records in this place, but this village is surrounded by more than 10 peaks, which are close in height to the largest in Switzerland. Also, this place is very attractive for skiers, because the snow on these slopes is all year round. But we must remember that off-piste skiing is strictly prohibited here due to cracks in the glaciers.

Although this town is much smaller, with only 1,500 inhabitants, and much less popular, the view here is no less charming than in the rest of Switzerland. High mountains, dense forests, and clean air – all give this place a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Grindelwald

Probably one of the most beautiful places in all of Switzerland. Unlike other cities on the list, this place has many plains in addition to mountains, and small houses with farms in these places give this village an incredible look.

Since there are many plateaus here, you can go on a regular hike to see the whole of Grindelwald at a glance. Indeed, due to the not very high height of the mountains, skiing here will come out only in winter. The city itself is not very large in size, about 2 times smaller than Zermatt, so you will not meet a large number of tourists here.

  1. Canton of Graubünden

If you want to relax in the almost complete absence of other tourists, this is the region for you. Despite being the largest canton in Switzerland in terms of area, it is home to only 200,000 people, making it the region with the lowest population density in the country. There are many small resorts, where there are literally a couple of small hotels.

Even the most popular resorts here are far from having the number of tourists who come to Zermatt or Gstaad. It is this canton that will be your choice if you want to enjoy nature, with a complete absence of annoying external factors.

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