Ireland’s Most Charming Castles Where You Can Stay

Ireland's Most Charming Castles Where You Can Stay

Ireland’s Most Charming Castles Where You Can Stay: Ireland is known for its lush vegetation, cozy pubs, historic landscapes, and hospitable locals. But, it is also home to some of Europe’s most iconic castles.

Today we will talk about those of them that you can not only see, but also stop there.

  1. Leslie Castle

One of the last Irish castles still in the possession of the founding family. Leslie Castle has welcomed politicians, poets, and celebrities since the late 1600s.

The castle’s historic bedrooms are devoid of modern conveniences such as TVs so guests can truly immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the times.

The living room is adorned with family portraits, photographs, and memorabilia, and offers stunning views of the lake and 1,000-acre estates.

  1. Ashford Castle

This 800-year-old building is one of the oldest in this selection and offers luxurious five-star accommodation. For centuries, the castle received guests as a private estate, and then as a hotel.

The estate is a quiet countryside place where you can hunt, go fishing, or shoot at targets.

  1. Bantry House

This elegant stately home overlooking Bantry Bay in the Atlantic is considered one of Ireland’s finest historic buildings. It offers rooms with antique furniture and silk curtains.

All rooms overlook a picturesque Italian garden with a fountain.

  1. Bellick Castle

This neo-Gothic castle is rich in decor and antiques.

The castle sits on 1,000 hectares on the banks of the River Moy, and the local museum houses Ireland’s finest collection of 16th-century weapons.

  1. Durrow Castle

Set in the middle of a village of the same name with over 300 years of history, this is a stunning piece of Irish architecture.

The bedrooms are individually furnished with family heirlooms and each suite has a story to tell.

  1. Loch Eske Castle

Tucked away on the shores of a lake near the town of Donegal, this towering castle is the epitome of luxury. In cozy reception halls, you can spend evenings in cozy conversations by the fireplace, and guests will feel at home.

More active travelers can take a walk along the lakeshore or in the Bluestack Mountains.

  1. Ballynahinch Castle

Ballynahinch Castle is nestled in the inspiring scenery of Connemara, at the foot of the Tuelw Bens Mountains, amid stunning natural landscapes.

Here you will find many outdoor activities such as boating, horseback riding, and fishing.

  1. Barbican Gate Lodge

This fortification with gothic windows and a stone tower stands at the end of an old stone bridge.

On summer evenings, the rooftop garden offers breathtaking views of the coastline. This self-catering apartment is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

  1. Belle Isle Castle

Belle Isle Castle is located on the shores of Loch Erne, on a beautiful private island. The double-vaulted lobby creates a historic atmosphere, while the rooms are beautifully decorated in the style of a stately medieval home.

Guests can spend time on the water by renting one of the fishing boats, or walking among the animals living on the territory along some of the marked trails.

  1. Helen Tower

Here you will find the best romantic castle getaway for two.

Tucked away on the edge of a winding country road in the middle of the woods on the sprawling Clandeboy Estate, this charming three-story tower offers stunning views of the hills of Koh Down.

The self-catering apartments are very richly decorated and the Victorian history of the building is felt throughout and the views from the rooftop terrace are breathtaking.

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