Gems to Explore in Australia

Gems to Explore in Australia
Gems to Explore in Australia

If the idea of ​​a vacation in Australia makes you dream of cute koala bears, shimmering beaches, and jumping kangaroos, then this is a must-read for you. ‘Cause this country is buzzing with hidden gems that haven’t been charted by travelers yet!

Be it experiencing the cultural history of the Aborigines or exploring the Great Barrier Reef, there is certainly much more than you can enjoy on your vacation here!

See our top recommendations of hidden gems located in Australia below.

7 Incredible Hidden Gems to Explore in Australia

  1. Logan Brae Orchards

Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Nearest Town: Blackheath

Located in the quaint Megalong Valley in downtown Blue Mountains, Logan Bray Orchards is a 100-year-old family-owned ranch. The estate has over 6,000 apple trees and serves the sweetest and freshest selection of juices, pies, apple butter, plum jam, jelly drops, and fruit baskets.

Take a stroll through the lush greenery, enjoy a picnic in the middle of the Blue Mountains, watch exotic birds, and play with Lottie – owner-friendly pets, while here.

  1. Cobourg Coastal Camp

Location: Northern Territory, Australia
Nearest Town: Jabiru

If you are looking for a coastal adventure, head to Cobourg Coastal Camp! Shine in the untouched regions of Australia’s Northern Territory and enjoy the best of the wilderness. Discover the joy of fishing in the clear blue waters of Cobourg Marine Park, explore the offbeat tracks of nature-based camping, and relax in safari tents surrounded by savannah bushes.

what’s more? You’ll love watching the birds sing in the safari tent and the refreshing ocean views!

  1. Indigenous Locales and Bush Tucker Cafés

Location: Multiple Locations

Open the door to a whole new side of the vibrant country with a visit to indigenous places. Hire local Aboriginal guides to experience indigenous culture on Rottnest Island for the first time, try your hand at ancient dot painting at Maruku Arts and ride a quad bike over the dunes in Port Stephens.

Wait, that’s not all. For a complete experience, indulge in a delicious bush tucker meal at any of Australia’s Aboriginal-owned cafes or restaurants.

  1. Vineyards & Wineries

Location: Various Locations

A paradise for wine lovers, Australia is home to numerous vineyards, wineries, and cellar doors that take the wine tasting experience up a notch.

Sign up for a winemaker class at D’Arenberg and take home your very own personal bottle of signature wines, taste farm-fresh wines in the Yarra Valley, tour vineyards near the Margaret River, and at select wineries Enjoy delectable food. encourage!

  1. The Keep

Location: Goulds Country, Australia
Nearest Town: St Helens

Amidst the lush greenery of the Blue Tier Forest Reserve, away from the green of the city, The Keep is a luxury getaway. Travel the off-beat track through gravel roads to reach your destination- keep overlooking the north-eastern regions of Tasmania.

With refreshing views of nature, each room is decorated with designer fittings and comes equipped with an outdoor bath brimming with scented bath bombs and bespoke Tasmanian decor! Board a private charter flight to explore the rugged island state, indulge yourself in delicious food, indulge in relaxing spa sessions, and much more, for an immersive experience.

  1. The Buchan Caves

Location: Victoria, Australia
Nearest Town: Buchan South

Replete with magnificent limestone formations, calcite rimstone sculptures, and calcium deposits hanging from the ceiling-Buchan Caves in Victoria is an absolute delight!

Sign up for excursions to Fairy Cave and Royal Cave to discover spectacular caves. Make your way to the Buchan Caves Reserve Campground and do activities like mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing. Oh! And if you are a nature lover, then say yes to backpacking through the natural forest area, it is absolutely stunning!

  1. Lake Ballard

Location: Western Australia
Nearest Town: Menzies

Seeking Solitude? Lake Ballard is where you should go. An untouched place in the southern part of Western Australia, Lake Ballard is a sacred site for the Wongi and Wangkatha tribes. Salt Lake provides a dramatic setting for soaking in the enchanting scenery, taking refreshing walks, camping around the bushes, and capturing Insta-worthy pictures.

Visiting the outdoor gallery showcasing several art installations by Sir Antony Gormley is an absolute treat for your eyes!

So, don’t wait any longer. Book your trip to Australia and walk the tracks to all or any of these offbeat places apart from iconic destinations!

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