Eco-friendly hotel project on water in Qatar

Eco-friendly hotel

Another architectural miracle is planned to be built in Qatar: the Hayri Atak studio presented a project of an eco-friendly hotel on the water. The trick of the structure is that it rotates around its axis and thereby generates energy for its own functioning. 

The hotel is designed for 152 rooms. The hotel will have three different entrances, which will provide access to the building from the shore at any time of the day or night. The pier that leads from the shore to the building will remain stationary, and the round in will rotate continuously and very slowly. One lap every 24 hours. Thus, the structure will generate green energy for its functioning.

In addition to energy production, the hotel is also planning rainwater harvesting. The roof, which resembles a whirlpool, will be able to collect rainwater to irrigate the green areas of the hotel. Pure drinking water will be obtained by purifying seawater, and wastewater will be treated so as not to harm the environment.

There are plans to build indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, spa, gym, mini-golf course, and even a helipad inside the hotel.

The authors of the project promise that this eco-friendly hotel will be built by 2025.

More Details

Following its sinister skyscraper proposal for New York, Hieri Atak Architectural Design Studio is back with another fascinating concept. This time around, the studio has shared its design for a 152-room ‘eco-floating hotel’ off the coast of Qatar. To minimize energy loss and in line with the zero waste principle, the scheme includes a rotating system that rotates the building around to generate electricity.

The architectural form and operation of the eco-floating hotel are both inspired by the sea and in particular by a whirlpool. The access pier remains stationary but HAADS envisions the circular-shaped hotel to slowly rotate to complete a full circle with a constant flow in 24 hours. The hotel has three separate entrances that provide access from the shore at any time of day, thanks to its 140-degree pier around it.

The rotating system uses dynamic positioning (DP), a computer-controlled system to automatically maintain a ship’s position. With its goal of designing a project with ‘ecological balance’, HAADS’s design team integrates a system of green energy generation called VAWTAU, vertical axis wind turbine, and umbrella. On the vertical plane, it acts as a wind turbine, while on the horizontal plane it acts as a sun umbrella. HAADS says the system can receive 25 kW of energy from each of the 55 VAWTAU modules.

In addition to generating green energy, the hotel also includes rainwater harvesting. The vortex-inspired roof collects rainwater that can be treated and used as greywater or to water the hotel’s green areas. Clean water will be obtained by purifying seawater and wastewater will be treated so as not to harm the environment. HAADS also plans to develop waste segregation units to convert food waste into fertilizer for landscaping.

Guests can reach the hotel by car, by boat, or by helicopter and drone to a helipad located on the floating pier. The hotel has a spacious lobby of 700 square meters and each of the 152 rooms has its own balcony, offering guests different perspectives as the building rotates. The program also includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, spa, gym, and mini-golf course.

All of the hotel’s platforms, including connections to the mainland, are floating platforms. With this mobile aspect of the design, HAADS plans to move the hotel to different areas. For its first phase, the hotel is planned to be deployed in the coastal waters of Qatar.

After the initial concept process, HAADS informs us that the next step is the continued feasibility and technical study to realize the implementation phase. While there is no exact date for the completion of these tasks, the multi-disciplinary team is aiming towards 2025.

Project info:

  • name: eco-floating hotel
  • location: qatar (various locations)
  • client: PH tourism and management (qatar)
  • architect: hayri atak architectural design studio (HAADS)
  • project team: arch. hayri atak, arch. kaan kılıçdağ, arch. büşra köksal, arch. kübra türk
  • status: design phase
  • preliminary end date: 2025
  • total construction area: 35,000 m2

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