Best Wreck Diving Sites in the World

Best Wreck Diving Sites in the World
Best Wreck Diving Sites in the World

Best Wreck Diving Sites in the World: Extreme divers and thrill-seekers are looking for more than just diving when searching for wrecks. Divers want to touch history and explore historic ships, vintage aircraft models, or ancient treasures, some of which were once prominent wrecks in various cultures. Wreck diving is a passion among many and due to the initial tragedy of wrecks, divers are able to explore exotic waters and discover the beauty that exists in deep blue.

Top 6 Best Wreck Diving Sites in the World

  1. SMS Markgraf, Scapa Flow, Scotland

Today, divers can explore the last seven of the 78 German ships that once lay at the bottom of the Scapa Flow area, including the Markgraf, a warship. Divers swim through the torpedo room straight to the stern. The ship requires several dives to explore it in more detail.

  1. Thistlegorm, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

This is one of the most famous and popular wreck dives in the world. Once it was a ship of the British Merchant Navy, sunk by German bombers during the Second World War. The 400-foot ship carried motorcycles. He received a projectile hit in the stern, in the ammunition compartment, which detonated. This led to the instant death of the ship.

  1. Captain Keith Tibbets, Cayman Islands.

This ship was artificially sunk in September 1996 for use as an artificial reef. The wreck is actually a 100-foot Russian vessel. Today it is home to much marine life.

  1. Zenobia, Larnaca Bay, Cyprus

A 10-minute boat ride from Larnaca Harbor is Zenobia, one of the best and most beloved wreck dive sites just behind the Thistlegorm. This 10,000-ton ferry sank in 1980 on its maiden voyage due to a computer system failure. The ship sank with over 120 vehicles. Today, divers can explore trucks, cars, and the ship itself. Marine life, including barracudas, lives here.

  1. SS President Coolidge, Vanuatu

This place of the sunken ship is a real water paradise. The ship was built in 1931 and converted from a luxury liner to a World War II warship. The 600-foot ship provides plenty of opportunity for discovery from bow to stern. It is noted that approximately 10 dives will be required to explore the best on the ship. What makes this dive unique is that divers explore military equipment such as jeeps, tanks, cars, and more.

  1. Umbria, Wingate Reef, Sudan.

A German cargo ship built in 1912 moved off the coast of Sudan to avoid being captured by the British. The Umbria is a 400-foot ship and was carrying luxury cargo such as Czech Fiat cars, bombers, and lifeboats at the time of the sinking. The massive propeller is a sanctuary for marine life, and the Fiats are stored near the engine room.

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