Best Beaches in Chennai

Beaches can never let anyone down, be an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, or just a romantic. The splash of seawater, the softness of the porous sand, the range of water activities, and the beauty of the surrounding natural scenery, are many elements that will draw you to the beaches. And when we are talking of beaches, we cannot miss mentioning Chennai which is the abode of many beautiful beaches.

When you plan your trip to Chennai, make sure to add beaches to your travel guide to Chennai. We promise you won’t regret it! We have curated a list of beaches in Chennai that you must visit! Ready to add them to your list?

Marina Beach

Among the beaches in India, it is the longest. While you are here, you can relax on a bed of soft sand and admire the view of the beach bordering the Bay of Bengal near Chennai. But, if you want to get the best view, we would recommend you to head to the top of the lighthouse here.

The sunset on the horizon and the panoramic view of the beach will be a sight to cherish forever. After that, eat some seafood from the stalls nearby. If you want, you can also buy souvenirs from local shops.

Kovalam Beach

If you love water activities, then this beach is your place. From jet skiing to parasailing to surfing, you can try it all here. Fishing here can also be a fun experience. In the Chennai beach name list, it also ranks high as a family picnic spot. In fact, you can enjoy a picnic here by playing on the silver sand, taking a bath in the sea, and enjoying the delicacies from the food stalls.

So, take a cab from your hotel in Chennai to reach this famous beach located at a distance of 40 km from the city and have a fun day!

Mahabalipuram Beach

Get an escape from the bustling city life of Chennai at this beach. The serene beach can serve as the ideal place for you to sit and relax or read your favorite book. You can also go for a swim in the sea to refresh your mind and body.

To quench your appetite, order some delicious dishes from the beachside food stalls. Stop! there’s more. You can visit some interesting places here, such as the crocodile bank, a snake venom extraction center, and a school of art and sculpture. Don’t miss to see the beautifully carved caves, temples, and giant chariots that contribute to the beach’s popularity.

VGP Beach

Whether you are with your friends or family, you must visit this famous beach in Chennai to have an exciting time. This VGP is part of the Universal Kingdom Amusement Park, where you will find lots of fun water rides.

You can spend the whole day playing on the beach or bathing in the pristine waters. Don’t worry about your stuff! You can keep them safe in the locker provided here. Here’s something you might find interesting! You can get to see some South Indian actors here as it is a famous shooting location.

Thiruvanmiyur Beach

If you are on your honeymoon, take our advice and visit this beach after your flight to Chennai. The serene beaches, minimal tourist crowd, and the splashing waves of the sea make it a perfect set up to spend some romantic time in solitude with your partner. Take a walk on the beach holding hands and admire the vibrant colors created by the sunset. This is a fascinating sight! If you are hungry, you can simply head to the nearby restaurant and have some delicious local cuisine.

Palavakkam Beach

Chennai beaches from the list, it is ideal to spend alone time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can relax and rejuvenate yourself amidst the serene atmosphere as this beach is not visited by many tourists. While you are here, be sure to visit the ancient temple near the beach. You can feel the divine vibe when you enter the temple.

The sunrise and sunset that you can see here will be the cherry on top. Bring your camera with you to capture some stunning clicks of the sunset amidst the beautiful surroundings.

Kasimedu Beach

For a weekend trip, Kasimedu Beach is definitely one of the best beaches in Chennai. Here you will be greeted with a pleasant ambiance and breathtaking views. If you are with your friends, you can indulge in sports like a volleyball match on the beach. You can also enjoy watching how fishermen work to get fish in their nets.

Not only that, you can actually eat those fresh fish from the food stalls on the beach. Take our advice and come here in the evening and feel the soothing cool breeze touching your face. Now, a pro tip! Shoot a time-lapse video on your phone at sunset and watch the sky change colors at high speed. And see how much love you get on Instagram!

Elliot’s Beach

In the list of places to visit in Chennai, this beach is a great place for exploring some ancient monuments and hanging around the sea. Talking about ancient buildings, you can see the Ashtalakshmi temple here. Come before Ashtalakshmi, the goddess of wealth and knowledge, to pray for your prosperous life. You can also visit the Velankanni Church located on this beach, which is visited by people of all religions.

After visiting these, you can have some mouth-watering snacks while sitting by the stalls enjoying the sea view.

Neelankarai Beach

From the name you can guess that it is located in Nilankarai which is a small area of ​​Chennai. Since it is an offbeat destination, you can spend long hours in solitude here. Imagine sitting on the beach turning the pages of a romance novel without being disturbed by the noise of the crowd. The only sound that will catch your attention is the thunder of the ocean.

It’s a good feeling, we know! If you ask us what makes this beach even more special, the answer would be turtles. Yes, you can see many turtles taking a lazy walk on the beach.

Akkarai Beach

If you are traveling with your family, we would highly recommend this beach. The beach has comfortable seats where your family, especially the elderly, can sit back and relax after a long journey. The mesmerizing view of the ocean blending seamlessly with the sky at a distance will be a treat to their eyes. A unique feature of this place is the children’s playground next to the sand where you can play with your kids throughout the day. When you get tired, just walk back and lie down on the sand to enjoy some cool breezes. You can also come here for a late-night walk as there is ample light on the beach.

So, these are the beaches that we think you will love. You can visit any or all of these stunning beaches. If you can’t pick your favorite (after all, each one on the list is worth a visit), just know that, wherever you decide to go, an amazing time awaits you!

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