Bermuda is the best place to relax


Bermuda is the best place to relax: It’s time to admit that some beaches are really bad. Do you want to spend a day by the sea among a crowd of half-naked people, burnt men in tight swimming trunks, and restless children who literally build sand castles on your head? If someone else’s peeling, red skin, and sand in your mouth aren’t going to ruin your day, just imagine a peacock-like jock strutting along the beach, showing off his perfect body (which he’s probably been hard at work on for the last nine months).

Beaches are a luxurious gift of nature and an ideal place for a relaxing vacation. But good memories of him are provided to you only when there is not a soul on the beach. Such places are rare. For example, Bermuda boasts secluded, closed and secret beaches. You don’t have to wince at the smell of someone else’s sun cream and cover your face with a hat so as not to see half-naked bodies. Stretch out on the sand in ridiculous swimming trunks, sing out loud, talk loudly with your friends, and pour water on each other – this beach belongs only to you, your majesty.

Buy a ticket, choose a pretty pastel-colored villa, and plan a week of lounging on the white or pink sand.

Bay of Whales

It turns out that the Bay of Whales is one of the best fishing spots in Bermuda. But you know, even this fades into the background when you have luxurious pink sand and a calm sea surface in front of you. Another plus of this secluded beach is the large open area at the entrance where you can have a picnic after a lazy day at the beach. Oh, and what an amazing view of the Bermuda sunset.

Warwick Long Bay

This amazing pink sand beach is the pinnacle of natural beauty and (an oxymoron here) the most famous secret beach in Bermuda. Despite the fact that CNN declared it one of the best in the world, thereby making Warwick Long Bay a popular tourist destination, its eastern part remains a great place for a secluded holiday to this day. All this is thanks to sheer cliffs and green hills that hide the beach from prying eyes.

Church bay

Church Bay is good not only for its views but also for the opportunity to snorkel and look at the beautiful underwater world (according to local residents who know these places like the back of their hand). You go down the wooden steps, and now, you are already surrounded by coral reefs, which form a quaint bay. There you really feel like the owner of this secluded beach. You are likely to see colorful tropical fish such as angelfish, butterflyfish, or parrotfish. Beware of jellyfish!

Cooper island

Cooper Island is located at the very end of Bermuda and is the father of the local secret beaches. Previously, the island was occupied by the US military and NASA (which is why it did not become popular as Horseshoe Bay, for example). Locals prefer this place because on Cooper you can escape from the tourist bustle. There are several beaches, all of them are very picturesque. If you woke up in an adventurous mood and do not want to sit all day by the ocean, we advise you to take a walk deep into the island, to its very top, where you can enjoy an amazing view.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bermuda

Q. Which country is Bermuda?

A – Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory. Bermuda is a group of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean and is a British government territory.

Q. Is Bermuda part of the USA?

A – Many people think that Bermuda is part of the Caribbean islands or perhaps the Americas. It’s not. It is an island in the North Atlantic, a British Overseas Territory but administered independently as a country.

Q. What is Bermuda known for?

A – The island is famous for its pink sand beaches, which get their color from pulverized coral and shells, one of the main components of sand. Another attraction for tourists is the historic town of St. George (founded in 1612) and its fortifications, which together were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Q. Why is Bermuda called the Isle of Devils?

A – It was originally known as the “Isle of Devils”, thanks to its somewhat stormy weather, its vigorous indigenous birds, and the treacherous ring of coral reefs that surrounded it, which ejected many oncoming ships. Even the sailors did not run around telling tales of fierce winds and birds.

Q. What language is spoken in Bermuda?

A – The dominant language in Bermuda is Bermudian English. It exhibits characteristics of English spoken on the Atlantic coast of the United States (particularly in the vicinity of Virginia), in Canadian Maritime times, southern England, and parts of the British West Indies.

Q. Is Bermuda a prosperous country?

A – Bermuda now has the fourth highest per capita income in the world, driven primarily by non-resident firms, particularly offshore insurance and reinsurance, and offshore financial services for tourism.

Q. What currency does Bermuda use?

A – The legal tender on the island is the Bermuda dollar, which is the U.S. dollar. The dollar trades at the same rate and carries the same symbol ($). Bermuda and the US Dollars are accepted interchangeably. When distributing change, most retailers and businesses require visitors to the U.S. Will try to provide a change in dollars.

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