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From Sochi to Israel can be reached by cruise ship

From Sochi to Israel can be reached by cruise ship: Maritime communication will be opened between Russia and Israel. It will be possible to...

The United States built an air taxi that resembles a “flying saucer”

The single-seat aircraft Zero is made in the form of a disk. It is equipped with an electric motor and has no wings. The air...

A young female pilot circled the globe alone and broke a world record

19-year-old Belgian Zara Rutherford crossed five continents in an ultralight aircraft. She entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest woman in history...

Penguin filmed a breathtaking video of his spearfishing

Biologists have shared a first-person video of a gentoo penguin fishing underwater with a camera attached to its back. The video was filmed in the...

Australian builds floating tennis court made from recycled plastic

Adidas and eco-organization Parley for the Oceans made a tennis court that floats in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. So the companies want...

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