Traditional Cypriot villages

Traditional Cypriot villages
Traditional Cypriot villages

Traditional Cypriot villages: This route will take you through the cozy and cute villages of the island, where the sounds of beach parties do not reach. You will see how the locals live, find secret views of the most popular attractions and climb those viewing platforms that other tourists have not even heard of. And the bonus will be locations for traveling with a child.


This village has become popular primarily due to its very good location. It is from the local bay that ships depart to the famous Blue Lagoon with the amazingly clear water of rich blue hues. Many people prefer to drive up to the lagoon from the shore. This route goes along a wild mountain road, so you can only get there by buggies and quad bikes. This makes the trip an adventure, culminating in a refreshing dip in some of the clearest waters on the coast.

For connoisseurs of outdoor activities, a lot of trekking routes have been laid along goat trails on the mountainside. Such a walk will definitely require a lot of free memory in your phone for countless photos. Any of the routes pass through the bath of Aphrodite (Aphrodite bath), thanks to which the goddess maintained her beauty, according to legend. But to the disappointment of the hunters for eternal youth, swimming is prohibited there. Well, at the end of a busy day, you should definitely have dinner in one of the fish taverns of the port of Latchi, famous for their grilled octopuses.

In the upper reaches of the Troodos mountain range, there is a village of the same name. Most tourists perceive this village as a transit point on the way to the two main attractions of the region – the Olympus ski resort and the Kykkos monastery. Few people pay due attention to the village, although you can spend a great day here. Cypriots especially like to visit this high-mountainous place in the summer months to hide from the heat of the cities and relax in the coolness of the shadows of centuries-old trees.

And from here, many trekking routes start, along which you can walk on foot or on a mountain bike. If you are traveling with a child, you won’t find a better place. Firstly, in Troodos, the temperature is several degrees lower than in the lowlands. And secondly, in the very center of the village, you will find a large playground and several cafes, from which you can watch the children. In winter, when there is snow in the mountains and it gets cold outside, it is especially pleasant to warm yourself by the fireplace in the lobby of the Troodos Hotel with a mug of hot cocoa.


Connoisseurs of original and charming places can find their corners among the mountain villages of Cyprus. For example, in the village of Pedulas. Although it is located near the tourist route leading to the Kykkos monastery, it is usually not crowded here. Narrow streets, cozy private courtyards with almond trees, and classic for this region houses made of large gray-brown stones.

In the center of the village, a snow-white temple stands apart, quite large even by city standards. But the main attraction is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, built-in 1474. It is a monument of world importance and is under the protection of UNESCO. Among the mountain villages of Cyprus, there are several such churches, united by a single period of construction and style, which is characterized by an asymmetrical roof, a narrow entrance, and huge frescoes.


It is difficult to find a more authentic and original place in Cyprus. It is enough to walk a few minutes along the cobbled narrow streets to immerse yourself in serene antiquity. Classic stone houses with characteristic wooden balconies and cornices create a pleasant atmosphere of peace. In the traditional Patriko house, you can see how the locals lived for hundreds of years, how they arranged their life, what utensils they used.

The whole walk through the village you will be accompanied by the sound of the river flowing from the top of Mount Olympos. While in Kakopetria, you simply need to have a bite to eat in one of the local establishments, for example, try fish in the traditional Greek tavern Zoppi. It’s no secret that the fresh air appetite is much better. And if you add to this all the flavor of the scenery, sounds, and smells, then any dish will seem ten times tastier.


At first glance, Lempa is just one of the inconspicuous villages in the vicinity of the city of Paphos. Moreover, neither in the guidebooks nor in the excursion booklets there is information about the sights of this village. Meanwhile, here is a kind of art space. A small area was chosen by students of the College of Arts for creative experiments and self-expression.

The guys create various figures, objects, and other works of applied art, look for their own way in creativity and practice. There is a small park nearby. And nearby is a historical site – a primitive village. At this place, the ruins of the houses of ancient Cypriots were found. Several dwellings were recreated in the same form and from the same materials as 4-5 thousand years ago.


A trip to the village of Trimiklini and its surroundings can be called the popular tourist term “Cyprus in miniature”. Within a radius of several kilometers from this village, you can find everything that the numerous villages of the island are famous for. The village is located only half an hour from Limassol and the main highway, so it will not be difficult to get here, wherever you stay. The largest and largest river on the island, the Kouris, flows in this region. With the help of the Kourion Dam, this river fills the largest artificial lake in Cyprus.

Thanks to this abundance of water, the valley where the village is located are replete with fruit trees of various varieties. In the village itself, you can try samples of local fruits and various sweets made on their basis. In the vicinity of Trimiklini, there are ancient churches, a monastery, a waterfall, and even age-old stone bridges. Sturgeon and trout are bred in a large pond with the pretentious name The Land of Dreams. Here you can go fishing and taste the freshest fish. And of course, a region with such rich nature could not go unnoticed by winemakers. A couple of kilometers towards the village of Agros, there is the Tsiakkas winery. Go there for a tasting of Cypriot wines.


One of the most popular dishes in Cyprus is called pork-shop or lamb-chop – a pork or lamb chop on the bone. This simple dish of impressive size is usually served with french fries and seasonal vegetables. The chefs of the tavern “at the fountain of Gerolakkas” in Tsada have some unique recipes for cooking chops, which turn out incredibly juicy and tasty.

In the vicinity of the village, there is another location worthy of attention. Now in Cyprus, as well as in Russia, private breweries are actively developing, one of which is Aphrodite’s Rock located a couple of kilometers north of Tsada. Here you can watch the process of making various lagers and ales. Find out how they differ and of course taste. Just remember that the richer the taste, the higher the degree, so it’s important not to overdo it with the local APA.


First of all, Pissouri is a bay where perhaps the best beach between Limassol and Paphos is located. Many people choose this place to relax for the reason that it is less windy here than on the neighboring Kourion beach. The sea is also usually calmer due to the peculiarity of the landscape because on both sides the bay is covered with massive high rocks, which creates a feeling of solitude.

A nice walking path runs along the entire beach, just above which there are several cafes. In such a place it is always nice to drink something refreshing with a view of the sea, especially in the evening, at sunset. In the village of Pissouri itself, it also makes sense to stop for a while. The settlement is located on the slope of a high hill, and from several locations at once a beautiful view of the valley opens up, especially beautiful in spring, during the period of a riot of greenery and the beginning of flowering of field herbs and flowers.

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