Sochi for thrill-seekers

Sochi for thrill-seekers
Sochi for thrill-seekers

Sochi for thrill-seekers: Hot, impetuous, sincere – this city changes every day and will try to surprise you. We catch the southern rhythms and accelerate to the stage of the Formula 1 World Championship in an extreme guide to Sochi. We start in ancient caves, a breakthrough on a paraglider to high mountain ranges, squealing brakes at the pit stop, then – into the wilderness, and go out to a new circle.

Sochi for thrill-seekers

Caving in the Vorontsov caves

Heavy drops break noisily on the visor. The instructor moves down the winding route with smooth, serpentine ease, while the group sniffs a little behind, feeling the slippery walls with their hands. Stalagmites stretch from the bottom, cold darkness absorbs the light of lanterns. Shall we go further? The grottoes of the Vorontsov caves remember the Mesozoic era when the currents of the ancient Tethys ocean washed out the labyrinth system of the bottom. Here, the Caucasus Mountains woke up and began to stretch upwards, the ocean receded with respect, leaving relic clues on salt deposits. Explore rock crevices and underground waterfalls, vertical shafts, and icy streams. You can look for difficult and extreme routes of the Vorontsov complex in the Boar Gap, Labyrinth, and Dolga caves. Other halls are equipped, no less beautiful, and suitable for visits with children. Cost: Excursions from 350 rubles,

Paragliding in Rosa Khutor

After a gloomy dungeon, urgently to the sun and clouds! We push off with our feet from the ground, grab the instructor more firmly (but not by the neck – he will still be useful to us), and break off the slope of the Caucasus Range! Now you have wings: catch the rising air currents to prolong the pleasure. The smell of the sea is barely audible, the wind roars in the ears, and the refined silhouette of the Mzymta River floats below. The luckiest ones will notice the top of Aibga. The flying club is located at an altitude of 2320 meters in the Rosa Khutor resort: take the cable car up to Rosa Peak twice, go to the code word “paraglider”. In order not to rush anywhere, we recommend setting aside a whole day for the flight (technical and organizational issues are highly dependent on the weather, which changes with a click at altitude). Cost: from 6500 rubles.

Bungee Jumping at Skypark

After a free flight, you only want to … Fly again and again! Everything is in your hands, or rather, your feet. Bungee jumping goes back to the ancient ritual of the Pacific natives: young boys from the Vanuatu tribe were tied with a liana by the leg and unobtrusively thrown from the highest tree. Hooray, we are more fortunate: in Skypark, you are fixed by ultra-modern rubber ropes, the flight is calculated by a computer, beautiful and charismatic instructors cheer you up like family people, but it’s still scary … Very. At first, you are afraid that the Akhshtyr Gorge will become the last memory in your life. Then, standing on the edge of a small, completely open area, you modestly begin to refuse, ready to give others all your savings and even a passport. And then … Everyone has their own. Incredible, explosive, stunning. You can realize the jump at parties with the founders of the Burning Man festival, for example, or acoustic concerts with stunning views of the night gorge, which are held quite often in the temple of flight. Entrance to the Skypark – 1,500 rubles, jumping – from 6,000 rubles to 15,000 rubles.

Forza Karting Circuit

Formula 1 pilots cut through space and time on single-seat fireballs: unfortunately, jumping into Nikita Mazepin’s car will not work. However, next to the iconic Sochi Autodrom track, Forza Karting is adjacent to interesting drift configurations that will suit fans of high speeds. In the history of top-class racing, Gilles de Ferrand developed the maximum speed: on average, his car raced at 388 km / h. We will just admire this beautiful figure and enjoy the drifts of the amateur track, where difficult chicanes alternate with slow and straight sections. Another extreme advantage of Forza Karting is the ability to race in rainy weather. Cost: 10 minutes – 800 rubles.

Restaurant “What? Expenses! ”

After extreme flights, you deserve lunch. We do not slow down the intensity: we choose the Black Sea treats. “What? Kharcho! – this is a place where ajapsandal is not a curse at all, but a delicious vegetable stew and hot khachapuri is baked right on the surface of the sun. Well, that’s what the legends say. There are two restaurants: in Rosa Khutor and Central Sochi. When placing an order, stretch out the cherished “lyulya” to the waiter, as the drinking song of a centenary Georgian elder stretches out. You can take your time here, everything is about hedonism. Spicy lobio and spicy red wine aroma. Lamb khinkali, beautiful and neat, like the peaks of the Caucasus Range. The author cannot choose less pompous comparisons, because the local cuisine is already very good. Average bill: 700-1500 rubles

Solohaul Park

Fans of bigger cars will appreciate the power of a military armored personnel carrier in Solohaul Park. The ten-ton monstrous giant will roll through the bumpy wilderness, and you will never complain about bad roads again. There are rumors that during non-working hours hot khachapuri is delivered to the armored personnel carrier throughout Sochi. But seriously, Solohaul Park is also the center of attraction for lovers. You can kiss while hovering in a balloon, somewhere between heaven and earth. It is especially magical at sunset: soft honey light penetrates the Shahe River valley and the Fisht Mountains, and little people are buried in the greenery of tea plantations. Hold on – it’s too early to relax, although there are very attractive hammocks around. We are waiting for the longest zipline in Russia, 1 kilometer long. We fly over a mountain river along with an inclined cable car, hanging our legs from a height of 200 meters. The long-awaited smooth flight – a pit stop in an extreme route. Prices: http://www.solohaul.ru/price/ Map: http://www.solohaul.ru/contacts/

Canyoning and canoeing

In fact, Sochi is far from being about a beach holiday, a ski resort, and the Olympic Park. The real Sochi lives in subtropical forests. The jungle is calling! You just need to know where and with whom. The protected places here are so stunning that words are not enough to describe reliably. There are several ways to be sure: Amazonia can also be found in our time zone. Where do we start? By the river, of course. Bolshaya Khosta along the channel is overgrown with gorges: the bends of layered limestone stretch in smooth lines towards the sea. We explore the three most remarkable canyons – Navalishinsky in the lower reaches, the Royal Gates in the upper, and Devil’s Gates immediately after the confluence with Malaya Khosta. Around – the Colchis forest, coolness, moss, ivy, and ferns. Also turquoise water. Sometimes you doubt that everything is happening for real. The route is designed for the whole day, somewhere you will have to jump from a height of seven meters into lake fonts, endure temperature changes. There are more and more teams that conduct such one-day trips, and this is especially pleasing – dozens of juicy, green routes are bored in the vicinity. Canyon and waterfall routes: http://mountaindreams.ru/trek/waterfalls/page/2/

Panoramic restaurant Vershina 2200

Our finish line leads beyond the clouds: you can only get to Peak 2200 by cable car or helicopter. In autumn, it is important to have time to sit down at a table before sunset, when shades of ocher, terracotta, and burgundy explode in the rich light of sunlight. In order to reach the peak of emotions, we keep the balance in time: the restaurant menu harmoniously complements the cinematic atmosphere. Olivier with pike caviar, mussels, and red mullet side by side with beef medallions and Chekmer chicken. And three dozen wines from all over the world and jam from spruce cones are sweeter than midnight dreams. Yummy? Definitely. Unforgettably? Still would! Average check: 2500 rubles

Motopark “Cossack Brod”

I want more speed! We complicate the circumstances: minus two wheels, plus an enduro bike, and rugged terrain with difficult terrain. What do you feel? This life boiled inside! The bikes are heavy, but thanks to their design, they jump over bumps and maneuver remarkably. Beginners will be put on an ATV, which, however, will not save your buttocks from deep holes and bumps – hold on tight. And again, routes through a boxwood grove, canyons, instructors of the kindest soul, and halts with a healthy snack (which should be prepared in advance in your backpack – recharging will come in handy). Tour cost: from 3500 rubles.

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