Mumbai Goa Jan Shatabdi Train – Should You Travel?

Mumbai Goa Jan Shatabdi Train

Indian Railways 12051 Jan Shatabdi is an express train from Dadar Central in Mumbai to Madgaon in South Goa, with eight stops including Thivim in North Goa. It runs during the day and covers a distance of about nine hours. The train is punctual and clean. However, unlike the normal Shatabdi trains, which come with many “luxury” perks, the Jan Shatabdi is a “people’s” train.

So, what does this mean and how is the train?

Carriage types and things to consider

Jan Shatabdi has two different types of cars – air conditioned chair class, and second class seating. Both require reservations, and both have only chairs (not sleepers).

You will find that there are always seats available in the second class after a long time of the chair class, as well as other trains going to Goa become “waitlist”. Therefore, Jan Shatabdi is a good option for those who have not planned their trip in advance.

However, the lack of demand for second class seats on Jan Shatabdi has left many feeling anxious. Is this really an uncomfortable way to travel?

Difference between travel classes

The main difference between the second class and the chair class is that the second class is not air conditioned and the seats do not recur. You can see what the second class car looks like in the above photo in Mumbai Goa Jan Shatabdi.

Another thing to consider is pollution that fills the second category of vehicles. Jan Shatabdi is a diesel train and has many tunnels on the Konkan Railway route (some of them are kilometers long). Since second-tier windows are open, fumes easily come through them when trains pass through the tunnels.

As is expected, there is also a considerable difference in the ticket price between the two classes. A one-way second class ticket costs Rs 270, while it is Rs 945 in an air-conditioned chair class.

How will the factors affect your experience?

Starting out, second class travel is not too bad, especially if the train is congested yet. The diesel smoke coming in the car was not as bad as I expected. I was imagining black fume clouds! In reality, I have sat in an auto rickshaw and exploded with bad smoke from vehicles in Mumbai. Nevertheless, it was said that, the smoke started to get uncomfortable after a while. My eyes started burning and I stopped breathing. The good thing is that as the train comes out of the tunnel, the fumes come out very fast.

I started getting restless after sitting down around the five-hour mark. When the train is full, the cars feel cramped. Also, non-reclining seats in the second class are likely to cause you back and butt pain!


I avoid taking a second class trip from Mumbai to Goa in Jan Shatabdi, although the direction from Goa to Mumbai is opposite. The reason why is the departure time. The train departs from Mumbai at 5.25 pm. If you are tired, you will really regret not being able to sleep. It is quite difficult to sit upright for nine to ten hours. However, to go to Mumbai, the train leaves for Goa in the afternoon and it is not so bad if you are feeling relaxed.

If you can travel in the air-conditioned chair class on the train. You will have a much more enjoyable trip!

New VistaDome Carriage

In September 2017, a new VistaDome car was added to the Jan Shatabdi. The vehicle is specially designed to have views from outside (the route is quite spectacular, with many bridges and tunnels) and a glass roof, extra-large windows and seats that rotate. In particular, it is the first of its kind in India. Also, the car has only 40 seats, so it is much more spacious than normal trains.

Vistadome trains run daily except on Wednesdays. However, during the monsoon season (mid-June to late October) it is reduced to three days a week – Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Vistadome tickets cost significantly more, and are priced at Rs 2,025 one way. When booking online, it appears as a working class. Although it is not much cheaper than flying, VistaDome has proved to be a novelty factor for tourists.

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Frequently asked questions about Mumbai Goa Jan Shatabdi

Q. How much distance covered by JAN SHATABDI EXPRESS 12051?

A – JAN SHATABDI EXPRESS 12051 covers 757 kms km to reach MADGAON (MAO).

Q. At what time JAN SHATABDI EXPRESS 12051 arrives at MADGAON (MAO)?

A – JAN SHATABDI EXPRESS 12051 arrives at MADGAON (MAO) at 16:30.

Q. JAN SHATABDI EXPRESS 12051 passes through how many stations?

A – JAN SHATABDI EXPRESS 12051 passes through 9 stations.

Q. What is the difference between Shatabdi and Jan Shatabdi?

A – The Jan Shatabdi Express is a more affordable and economical version of the Shatabdi Express. The word ‘Jan‘ refers to common people. Being an economical version of the Shatabdi Express, it provides the passenger with Air Conditioned Chair Car, Second Class Seating and Unreseved classes.

Q. Which train goes to Mumbai to Goa?

A – Some of the trains that operate between Mumbai and Goa include: MAO DOUBLEDECKR , NETRAVATI EXP. The first train on this route is MAJN SUVIDHA SPL and leaves Mumbai at 00:30 am , and the last train from Mumbai to Goa is KONKAN KANYA EX and leaves Mumbai at 23:20 pm.

Q. How many Jan Shatabdi Express in India?

A – Currently, there are 23 pairs of Jan Shatabdi trains operating across India, connecting many major cities and towns.

Q. What is the cheapest way to go to Goa?

A – The quickest way to reach Goa from other cities in India is to take a domestic flight into Mumbai, from which Goa is only a 45-minute flight away. All the leading domestic airlines offer cheap fares to Goa, based on when you travel. Moreover, most metros now offer direct Goa flights too.

Q. Is CC in Shatabdi air conditioned?

A – They are fully airconditioned and of a much higher standard than most Indian trains. … As Shatabdi Express are day-trains and return to the station of origin the same day, coaches (AC Chair Car) on the train have only seats and not berths.

Q. How many seats are there in Shatabdi chair car?

A – AC Chair Car: An air-conditioned seater coach with a total of five seats in a row used for day travel between cities.

Q. Does Shatabdi serve food?

A – One of the delectable aspects of the journeys on the Rajdhani and the Shatabdi is for their food as well. … Almost 50 per cent of the total e-catering food ordered is vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis and the rest is Chinese, pizza, biryani/pulav and chaat items.

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