Kufri – Top 6 Places To Visit In 2022


There are many places to visit in Kufri, where you can experience the panoramic nature. Mountain views and tourist parks are some of the best places to see in Kufri which will give you a thrilling view of this mountainous region! Feed your wandering food by visiting the best tourist places in Kufri, where you can see rare Himalayan species and breathe fresh air!

Kufri is one of the few places in Himachal Pradesh that is open throughout the year and welcomes a lot of tourists even in winter! In summer, you can hike to some places, and there are quite a few paths you can follow. In winter, Kufri transforms into a mini German, and some resorts give you the option of skiing! Green Valley is a popular destination in Kufri, where you welcome yaks grazing in the fields. In addition, you can visit Fun World, a recreational tourist destination that offers activities like sky-swing and zip lining.

Best Places To Visit in Kufri

Mahasu Peak

Kufri, drop your impressions at the highest point of Mahasu Peak. If your fortune cards are working well, you can also see the beautiful Badrinath and Kedarnath ranges. The nature and charm of Kufri can be adopted from this peak, which can be walked by mules or horses as the route is extremely muddy, and cannot be covered on foot.

Kufri Valley

Feed your enchanting food with the charming beauty of Green Valley, which is full of delectable cedar and cedar trees. As you go deep inside the forest, you will be welcomed by the yak with a myriad of fields grazing and plantations. “Green Valley” is the correct name, it is covered with lush green blankets of nature. You can sense the freshness of the air and dive into the tranquil surroundings surrounding the majestic valley.

The Himalayan Nature Park

Different rare species of the Himalayan range, this park is one of the most exciting places to visit in Kufri. Nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, it expands breathtaking scenery. From Kashmir Stag, Barking Deer, Blue Sheep to Red Jungle Foul and Blue Sheep, each one can be seen here. Not only this, but you can also see different forms of flora and fauna living in natural enclaves. It is truly a paradise for wildlife lovers!

Indira Tourist Park

Indira Tourist Park is not just a park but more! Marking its place in one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kufri, it is a stunning destination. When we think of the first thing to park that defeats someone’s mind, but here you can find a lot like beer bar, games section, and ice cream parlor. It is an ideal place to rejuvenate every single segment. the body.

Kufri Fun World

Filled with jams that entice adventures and activities, Kufri Fun World is one of the most entertaining tourist destinations in Kufri. Be it zip-lining, sky swinging, bungee ejections, or mirror labyrinths, the haunted house has it all. Apart from this, you can also enjoy snow skiing, go-karting, infinity room, and many other amazing adventures that will make you visit this place again and again.


With boundless beauty, Fagu holds a prominent place in the list of amazing places to visit in Kufri. The cedar is spread over the entire area and covering all corners it provides a paradisial experience. This quaint little town is spread over an altitude of 2,450 meters and offers a beautiful landscape, which will stop your heartbeat. Endowed with a pleasant aura where the cool breeze is enveloping your face, this snowy mountain should be a part of every traveler’s list.

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