Kalka Shimla Toy Train

Kalka Shimla Toy Train
Kalka Shimla Toy Train

Kalka Shimla Toy Train: The Kalka to Shimla route is best traveled via a toy train that runs on a narrow-gauge track and is known for its dramatic views of the hills and surrounding villages. The historic Kalka Shimla Toy Train is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and takes people amidst vast green hills and deodar and deodar forests.

The journey through the abundance of nature was carved out in Himachal Pradesh during British rule, due to which the Kalka Shimla Toy Train is bound to take you back to a completely different era in history and one of the most beautiful railway journeys in India. is one of them. The 5-and-a-half-hour toy train journey offers special services and is a must-do when visiting the mountainous areas of the north.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Timings

Train NumberNameTimings
52457KLK SML Pass4:00 AM – 9:20 AM
72451Rail Motor5:10 AM – 9:50 AM
52451Shivalik Deluxe Express5:30 AM – 10:15 AM
52453Kalka Shimla Express6:00 AM – 11:05 AM (Peak Season only)
52455Himalayan Queen12:10 PM – 5:20 PM
52441Holiday Special7:00 AM – 12:10 PM
52443Holiday Special12:45 PM – 6:10 PM

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Route

Kalka- Taksal- Gumman- Koti- Sonwara- Dharampur Himachal- Kumar Hatti Dagshai- Barog- Solan- Salogra- Kandaghat- Kanoh- Kathlighat- Shoghi- Tara Devi- Jutog- Summer Hill- Shimla

The route from Kalka to Shimla is a 96 km long uphill trek from the foothills to a height of 2076 m above sea level. The course is filled with 102 tunnels, the longest of which is Barog which takes a full 3 minutes to pass. Travelers can also enjoy the stunning scenery and ornate bridges (869 in total) that they will pass. This structure which was completed in 1903, and took about 20 years to build, has about 919 curves and passes through some of the iconic places of Himachal Pradesh like Kota, Dharampur, etc. Plus, travelers have the satisfaction of ending the mystery. Take a ride to the highest hill station in the mountains.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Services and Fare

While the Kalka Shimla Toy Train is an experience in itself, the authorities have created several special services and trains to further enhance the tourist experience.

Self-Propelled RA 100

Self-Propelled RA100 is a new venture by Railway authorities to make travel and booking more convenient for passengers during summer. The train compartment accommodates 8 passengers who can book seats on the basis of chartered seating. However, this simple train is available only if at least 6 passengers have booked.
Cost: INR 36000 (Round Trip)

Shivalik Palace RA 200

The luxurious, air-conditioned RA 200 is a one-of-a-kind vehicle with a maximum seating capacity of 9 passengers. The train has a modular kitchen and crockery to assist in preparing freshly cooked meals. If the kitchen is not equipped, the attendants will provide food services from a large selection of dishes.
Cost: INR 27000 (Round Trip)

Jharoka CT 14

Like RA 100, seats in CT 14 Jharoka are also offered on chartered seating basis. The car has a balcony on both sides which gives you ample space to watch the passing landscape and marvel at the beauty. The car is also air-conditioned and has plush seating that goes well with wooden furniture. A special feature of the CT 14 is its eco-friendly exterior which is a necessity in these tough times. CT 14 seats around 8 passengers with a minimum requirement of 6 passengers.
Cost: INR 29000 (Next day return trip)

Composite Coach CT 12 And 13

Perfect for large groups, the CT 12 and 13 overall compartments seat up to 22 passengers. With its huge windows, you and your whole group of people can enjoy the stunning views while enjoying the old times on the train.
Cost: INR 18135 (single trip)

Hop on Hop off

During peak season, Kalka Shimla Toy Train also offers hop-on-hop-off services that let you get down at any station and board the oncoming train without the hassle of buying another ticket. Hop-on hop-off services encourage tourism and allow you to visit more places in a single trip.

Vista dome coach

Vista Dome Coaches (also known as Nihar) which are 36-seater glass coaches have also been introduced. These coaches make you feel at one with your natural surroundings and at the same time make you comfortable as they are equipped with AC and LED lights. Additionally, blinds on all windows allow for a sense of privacy or block out the sun when you want to take a nap. The cushion-to-wood design only adds to the charm of these antique coaches.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Booking

Bookings for all services, general and special, open a month in advance and visitors are advised to book their tickets well before the toy train is full, as it is a major attraction as well as convenient travel. There is also a tool. The toy train is available on all days as per the train schedule and can be booked through official websites like IRCTC.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kalka Shimla Toy Train

Q. Which toy train is best for Kalka-Shimla?

A – Himalayan Queen/Kalka-Shimla Festival Special (04515) – Joins Shatabdi train early in the morning from New Delhi Railway Station. It departs from Kalka at 12.10 PM. And reaches Shimla at 5.20 pm. However, the actual journey can often take up to seven hours.

Q. Is the toy train worth running from Kalka to Shimla?

A – Rail Motor Car charges Rs 320 for adults and Rs 160 for children. Shivalik Deluxe Express charges Rs 510 for adults and Rs 255 for children. Himalayan Queen charges Rs 470 for adults and Rs 235 for children.

Q. What is the timing of the toy train from Kalka to Shimla?

A – Shivalik Deluxe Express toy train (52451) starts from Kalka at 5:20 AM and reaches its destination at 10 AM. Himalayan Queen Toy Train (52455) leaves Kalka at 12:10 PM and reaches its destination at 5:30 PM.

Q. Is the Kalka-Shimla train running?

A – Train No. 52445 Kalka-Shimla Special train will leave Kalkaat at 07.00 AM and will reach Shimla at 12.15 PM on the same day. Train No. 52446 Shimla-Kalka Special train will leave Shimla at 03.50 PM and will reach Kalka at 09.15 PM on the same day.

Q. Can I take luggage on the toy train?

A – Toy trains have very limited storage under the seat. A large luggage seat will have two seats. The overhead compartment is a tight squeeze that will barely hold two backpacks.

Q. Which is the best berth in the toy train?

A – Of the seats you have, seat #8 is the best – a window in the “before” cabin (probably on the left side of the train, which is with views). All your other seats will be in the second bay. Seats 9 and 16 are also windows.

Q. Is Shimla Toy Train safe?

A – Yes, traveling on a toy train is quite safe. Enjoy your journey from Kalka to Shimla.

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