Christ Church Shimla

Christ Church Shimla
Christ Church Shimla

Christ Church Shimla is the second oldest church in the whole of northern India and is a site of pure devotion as well as architectural beauty. The church, which took 11 years to complete, is reminiscent of the British colonization in India. There is something unique and exciting about Shimla Christ Church that makes it a favorite destination for people of all age groups. At night, the church literally glows in the lights, while in winter, it looks like a magnificent palace.

The yellow building and its silhouette are visible from afar in the city of Shimla which is always full of architecture lovers and devotees. Shimla Christ Church is inspired by the neo-Gothic style of architecture and is complete with front porches, church bells, and five stained glass windows that represent the various virtues of Christianity. It is now the only place of religion that Christians have and is open for service every day. Even with the hullabaloo outside on the ridge, Christ Church is peaceful and really removed from reality. This and the fact that this majestic church has appeared in many famous Bollywood movies, such as Black and 3 Idiots, makes it a popular tourist attraction that people love to visit.

The architecture of Shimla Christ Church

Christ Church is built in the Neo-Gothic style of architecture and is built by Colonel J.T. Boileau, a renowned architect who also designed St. George’s Church in Agra. Visitors may be surprised to see the architectural grandeur of this striking church, which includes windows with stained glass and brass plaques. The interior of the church is quite simple and plain, except for five windows made of stained glass that adorn the walls.

These windows are a unique feature and represent various virtues of Christianity, such as charity, humility, perseverance, faith, patience, and hope. The minarets of this holy church are about 90 feet high, and the building is complete with brass church bells, a clock, and a set of five tubular bells. The clock installed in Christ Church was donated by Colonel Dumbleton in 1860, while the front porch was added later in 1873. Surrounding the window of the chapel is a fresco, designed by Lockwood Kipling, father of famed author Rudyard Kipling.

The church’s pipe organ is the largest the Indian subcontinent has seen. Other impressive architectural features include paintings that depict scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. This grand church looks absolutely magical and stunning at night time when the lights placed at strategic corners illuminate the beautiful building. It dazzles with elegance and charm and is a dazzling sight to behold.

History of Christ Church

A large number of British people, as well as Anglo-Indians, lived in Shimla at the time when the British were ruling our country. These people, being followers of Christianity, requested their government to establish a church where they could pray to Jesus Christ. The foundation stone of Christ Church was laid on 9 September 1884. The church building was granted a license to conduct divine services on 11 October 1846, while it was actually consecrated on 10 January in 1857. Christ Church was consecrated by Bishop Reverend Thomas Daltry. The entire construction of Christ Church took 11 years and the total cost was around INR 40,000- INR 50,000. The government contributed only INR 12,000, and the remaining funds for the construction were sourced from private sources.

Christ Church Library

A grand library, built by James Ransom in 1910, is located right next to Christ Church. The beautiful library is designed in the distinctive Elizabethan style and houses a fascinating collection of books and other ancient texts.

How To Reach Shimla Christ Church

Since Christ Church is located near the ridge in Shimla, it is easily accessible from all parts of the city. If you are staying somewhere in the middle of Shimla then the church is just 3.6 km away. You can simply walk to reach Shimla Christ Church, which is located close to Shimla US Club.

Buses and taxis can also be used to reach the church. If you are coming here directly from the railway station, take NH 22 and turn straight onto the circular road leading to the ridge.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christ Church Shimla

Q. When was Shimla Christ Church built?

A – In 1844, the construction of Christ Church began. To conduct divine services, the church was officially licensed on October 11, 1846, while it became a pure symbol of devotion on January 10, 1857.

Q. Who built Christ Church Shimla?

A – The foundation of the church was laid by Bishop Reverend Thomas Daltry. It took about 11 to 12 years to make it.

Q. When was Shimla Christ Church built?

A – Christ Church is one of the oldest churches in North India and was built by the British in 1857 to serve the larger Anglican British community in the region. The majestic presence of the church and its stunning location makes it a major attraction in Shimla.

Q. Why is Christ Church Shimla famous?

A – Christ Church, Shimla is the second oldest church in North India after St. John’s Church in Meerut. The puja is performed in Hindi and in English. Presently, Rev. Sohan Lal is the Presbyter-in-Charge (Priest/Father of Christ Church, The Ridge Shimla).

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