Brisbane sunsets: The best places to watch

Brisbane sunsets
Brisbane sunsets

Brisbane sunsets: Getting a glimpse of the setting sun is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Whether they evoke a sense of wonder in you for the great outdoors or give you a moment of peace and quiet on an otherwise busy day, sunsets are beautiful to watch, no matter where in the world you are.

However, one of the best places to watch the last rays of the sun is right here in Brisbane. While they may not be as gorgeous as watching a sunset from a balcony at the Cinque Terre or overlooking the vast Tanzanian landscape with the setting sun in the background, Brisbane’s sunsets are still the best of the best. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide to catching the greatest sunsets in Brisbane so you can experience them for yourself, whether it’s at the end of your intrepid journey or if it’s just at the beginning.

What time is the sunset in Brisbane?

Sunset time in Brisbane generally depends on the time of year. Sunset in Brisbane is around 6:45 in the summertime and sunset during winter is around 5:10 am. The longest days in Brisbane are between December and January during the summer solstice, while the shortest days are around June during the winter solstice.

The top places to watch the Brisbane sunset

  1. Nudgee Beach

Considered one of the best places to see the sky range from yellow and orange to pink and purple, Nudgee Beach is the closest beach to Brisbane’s CBD and a great spot for fishing, dog walking, and bird watching is referred to as. Surrounded by beautiful mangroves, this vast expanse of wetland makes for a great place to hang out during the day, but it gets even better when the sun starts to set. Watching the golden reflection of the sun on the water while listening to the sounds of nature all around you is guaranteed to be a breathtaking highlight of your trip to Brisbane.

  1. Kangaroo Point

You might think you know all the colors of the rainbow, but trust us when we say you haven’t scratched the surface until you watch the sunset over Kangaroo Point in Brisbane’s inner city. Guaranteed to paint the skies, the sunsets here are nothing short of epic. The setting rays of the sun combined with the twinkling lights of the city create a view that is nothing short of unforgettable. To get the full experience, and make sure you’re watching the sunset for as long as possible, why not have a picnic together and enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying the nature around you.

  1. Manly Harbour

Spectacular doesn’t even begin to cut it, describing the beautiful view of the sunset from Manly Harbor. Only a 30-minute drive from Brisbane city center, the seaside area offers a range of recreational activities, from elegant dining to boutique shopping. But the best thing to do in Manly Harbor is to bid goodbye to the last rays of the sun. Guaranteed to bring a little bit of magic to your evening, this place will not only give you a breath-taking, Insta-worthy picture but also a direct view of nature’s beauty at work. What more could you want from a sunset location? Answer: Absolutely nothing.

  1. Wilson Outlook

Described as the ideal oasis, Wilson Outlook is the place to go to catch the sunset in the city. With a view that is replete with skyscrapers, bridges, and cruise boats gliding up and down the Brisbane River (Mawar), this place makes for a one-of-a-kind sunset experience. Watch the fading lights reflect off both the buildings and the water and marvel at how at peace you can feel despite being in Brisbane’s bustling and vibrant city center. With a glass of your favorite drink in one hand and a delicious snack in the other, sit on the grassy fields atop rocky cliffs and have it all.

  1. Mt Coot-tha Lookout

Prepare for the night sky for an all-out performance at Brisbane’s Mount Coot-tha Lookout. Known as one of the best places to watch the sunset, this epic, heritage-listed lookout is located about 25 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD. Brisbane’s highest point, this view allows you to see the city and its surrounding areas; A view that becomes 10 times larger when the sunsets. As the twilight draws closer and you marvel at the truly magical setting in front of you, the bright oranges, pinks, and purples begin to fade. Our recommendation? Pack a picnic, grab your travel buddies, and get ready for a night you won’t easily forget.

  1. Woody Point Jetty

Located in Radcliffe just 15 minutes from downtown Brisbane, Woody Point Jetty sits 240 meters into Moreton Bay and was built in 1888. In the many years since then, the jetty has been restored and rebuilt last. 2008. Not only is being out on the jetty worth driving from Brisbane, but Mother Nature really takes it up a notch when it comes to the setting sun. From your vantage point, watch as the brilliant colors reflect on the water, choose from their different hues, and marvel at their stunning, mirroring effect. Perfect for turning on the magic, this place is a must-stop if you want to take in the beauty of the sky.

  1. Wellington Point

Another ghat, another beautiful place to say good night to the rays of the day. Located in Wellington Point (about a 50-minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD), this epicurean spot is great not only for fishing but also for enjoying the ‘last light shine’. While you will need access to a car to travel the 25km, we promise you won’t be disappointed. With utterly breathtaking views over Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island, this lookout is guaranteed to have a calming effect on you, from hearing the gentle waves against the jetty post to watching a light dip in the water amid a flurry of color.

  1. New Farm Park

Your reward at the end of a day spent exploring everything Brisbane has to offer is sitting in New Farms Park to see some of the beautiful, vibrant colors. Perfect for visits at any time of day (but especially at sunset), New Farm Park is located along the Brisbane River and offers a whole plethora of activities for the young and young-at-heart. But this is not where the effectiveness stops. If you’re lucky enough to visit Brisbane in the spring months, New Farms Park comes alive with jacaranda flowers, adding a touch and color to your epic sunset view.

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