7 things to consider before packing for your trip

things to consider before packing for your trip
things to consider before packing for your trip

Packing Tip: Make a list, lay it out all over, pull it back, then pull it off again! The last thing you want is you’re carrying too much stuff or forgetting important items from your gear list. To make sure you’re well dressed, there are a few key things to consider before zipping your bag. Here are 7 things to consider before packing for your trip.

7 things to consider before packing for your trip

  1. Have your gear list ready

This list should include everything you’ll need during the trip, as well as items that might be needed when the expedition doesn’t go according to plan (ie wet weather gear – even only if you are visiting a country in its warmer months).

An extensive gear list is provided on our adventures, but you should tailor it to your needs and requirements—and only have the things needed to protect yourself from overpacking.

  1. Renting gear

Keep in mind what equipment your operator will provide, and what you will need to get.

If you can rent gear from an operator or local supplier, especially if it’s the equipment you won’t be using regularly, it’s worth choosing this option to keep expenses to a minimum.

  1. Try and test your gear beforehand

Clothing and gear should be tried and tested before the main event. If possible, organize a mini-campaign before your main adventure for a chance to test-drive your equipment and clothing and see if it fits well is of good quality, and can be used in those conditions. Worthy when you will experience on the trails.

  1. Lay things out before packing

If you’re a last-minute packer, make sure you take the time to unpack all of your items before putting them in your bag.

By grouping things together according to the day you’ll wear them or the items you’ll use on your adventure, you can easily see which items are really essential and which ones you can take back.

Plus, having it in front of you lets you easily check off your items on your list and smartly pack them in your bag so they fit snugly like a game of Tetris.

  1. Be prepared for when things get wet

A dry bag is especially useful when you’re out on your expedition to keep items you don’t want to get wet and dirty.

You can also use them to keep your liquids separate from your other belongings; Plus, they make for a great way to organize and separate your items while packing and unpacking.

  1. Roll, don’t fold

You’ve probably heard of this tip, but if you haven’t, rolling up your own small item articles of clothing can be a space saver.

You can also fold and stuff your jackets, such as your Waterproof or Downs, into its hoodie, as well as stuff your socks into your shoes so your luggage has more room.

  1. Luggage weight restrictions

Know your airline’s baggage fee policy. The last thing you want at the airport is to pay for extra baggage, so opt for lighter luggage, clothing, and gear items where possible.

You can also pack items that are dual-purpose wear — like pants that turn into shorts or a jacket that folds into a travel pillow. If it’s a two-in-one, it’s one less thing to carry, especially if you’re on a backpacking expedition.

You can also board the plane wearing your heaviest clothes or carrying heavy equipment – ​​for example, hiking boots and daypack plus material, then change to something more comfortable afterward.

Being well prepared, checking your gear list, and limiting your list to essentials will help you avoid carrying an extra load, but also make sure you have plenty of time to go on a fun and enjoyable adventure. Read more

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