The Irresistible Scenic beauty of Indian Swiss Alps – Kashmir


Life is a journey if “ coupled “ with a perfect match it becomes magical. Undertake this first vacation to the valley of snow-covered mountains and tranquil lakes with the Kashmir Tour Packages. Lying on the banks of Jhelum, visit Srinagar where you can enjoy water skiing on Dal or Nigeen Lake. Add charm to the Kashmir Honeymoon as you take a ride of the Shikaras. Kishtwar is encompassed by huge mountains and thick deodar and pine woods where you can spend some “us” time as you stroll through these forests with Kashmir Tour Packages. Explore the ruby and sapphire mines of Paddar along the natural hot springs of “ tatta pain “.Plan your Kashmir Honeymoon with Bhaderwah is famous for its adventure sports with flowing streams beside the forests. Pahalgam is best known for its Aru and Betaab Valley. Enjoy bird watching with Kashmir Tour Packages at the Manasbal Lake in Baramulla. A picturesque escape and an ideal spot to enjoy skiing in Gulmarg and perfect for Kashmir Honeymoon while riding a Gondola. Patnitop in Kashmir during the winter times is a fine example of scenic beauty with snow-covered mountains and a great place to enjoy snow games and activities. The summers give a different meaning to the beauty of Panipat which becomes ravishing with its dense forests and medicinal springs.


Scan those Kashmir Tour Packages tickets as you visit the summer capital as well as the second largest city of Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar. Srinagar is situated on the banks of Jhelum. The Dal is the “Jewel in the Crown “ of Srinagar as it is spread across eighteen to twenty square kilometres. The main attraction of the lake is the vibrant “Shikaras “ which drift swiftly over the lake or visit the floating market famously called Raad where local vendors sell beautiful handicrafts, Kashmiri ponchos and even saffron. Get comfy and cosy at the houseboats which are made out of wood and have beautiful interiors with Kashmiri carpets, chandeliers and very sophisticated furnishings. Visit the six Mughal Gardens namely Nishant Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Pari Mahal and Chashma Shahi. Among the six gardens, Shalimar Bagh is the biggest as in Sanskrit it means ‘Abode of heaven “ has well-maintained gardens,” chini khanas “ and chinar trees as its main attraction. Visit the Shankaracharya Temple in Srinagar perched on the Shankaracharya Hill is built in reverence of Lord Shiva. Get engrossed with a multisensory experience as you visit the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden overlooking the Dal Lake.


The checklist of the Kashmir Honeymoon takes you to Gulmarg which lies at an elevation of 2730 metres above sea level. Gulmarg with the passage of time has developed itself into a most sought skiing destination and a great hangout for adventure sports. This “ meadow of flowers “ is also popular because of the second-highest Gondola ride and is a favourite with many honeymoon couples. The hill town of Gulmarg has an average snowfall which matches the snowfall of Utah and Niseko. Apharwat Peak in Gulmarg is a beauty on its own situated at the height of 4200 metres above sea level lies adjacent to the LOC and receives heavy rainfall and is covered in snow throughout the year. Situated at the base of Apharwat peak is the Alpathar Lake which is almost a day’s trek from Gulmarg covering a distance of thirteen kilometres. The Alpather Lake remains frozen at times in winter with big pieces of ice floating in the lake. The cascading beauty of Drung Waterfalls lies in the Tangmarg tehsil of Gulmarg Baramulla.The water flowing down turns into icicles during the winter.While the summers are more thrilling as you can admire the greenery near the surrounding along the waterfall, lakes and streams.


Travel safely to your proceeding destination of Pahalgam with the Kashmir Tour Packages. Pahalgam is situated adjacent to the Aru and Sheshnag rivers and is encompassed by fir-covered mountains and snow-capped peaks. Aru Valley is located eleven kilometres away from Pahalgam and is the base camp for trekking to Kolahoi Glacier and Tasar Masar Lake. The Aru river flows beside the Aru Valley which is a tributary of the Lidder river where you can enjoy and have fun while doing horse riding and even trekking. The valley becomes a perfect spot for skiing during winter as it gets carpeted with snow. Betaab Valley is one of the most famous and attractive tourist destinations with mesmerising surroundings including tall deodar trees and pine trees along the flowing Lidder river. The valley lies fifteen kilometres from Pahalgam in the district of Anantnag. It got its name as the Bollywood movie Betaab was filmed here. Lidder river happens to be a glacial river with an astounding length of seventy-three kilometres which has its source at the Kolahoi glacier and is an ideal spot for picnics, horse riding, fishing and white water rafting. Kolahoi Glacier is located over the Lidder river and the only way to reach the glacier is via trekking where some areas can be covered while riding horses or ponies. Chandanwari is located fifteen kilometres away from Pahalgam and is the starting point of the Amarnath Yatra.


Located near Udhampur city in the district of Udhampur is the hill station of Patnitop and 112 kilometres from Jammu. Take a short trek from Patnitop to reach Nathatop which is covered in snow during the winter and visitors can enjoy skiing on their Kashmir Honeymoon. In recent times it has become popular for paragliding as well. The paragliding flight takes off from Nathatop and lands at Kud, depending on the weather conditions the flight duration may vary from fifteen minutes to an hour. Nathatop is the vantage point to view the Himalayas as it has an elevation of around 2711 metres above sea level. The Nag or the Cobra Temple is a six hundred-year-old temple located in Patnitop as the fables say that Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati got married there. From here the visitors can enjoy the alluring view of the pine trees and the Chenab gorge. It is believed your “mantas “ get fulfilled here so many devotees come to the temple to simply tie the pious red thread and pray to the Naag Devta. Once the manat is fully filled people return back and arrange for “langar “and feed the visiting devotees. A local belief among the devotees is that the temple should only be visited during the daytime. At the time of Naag Panchami, a large number of devotees gather at the temple to pray for health, wealth and success.


The ideal place that ranks the highest on the Kashmir Tour Packages is Pulwama located at an altitude of 5,419 ft as it is renowned for its saffron fields, and virgin surroundings and is also the largest producer of milk. Pulwama is lovingly called the “Anand of Kashmir “ or Delight of Kashmir because of its waterfalls, scenic valleys and most importantly the apple orchards. The Aharbal Waterfall is located at a distance of thirty-five kilometres away from the Jama Masjid Shopian where the flowing waters of the river Vishav give rise to the Aharbal waterfalls which are surrounded by dense fir forests. Tarsar and Marsar lakes are the two bewitching lakes located three and five kilometres away from the Pulwama district which happens to be “oligotrophic lakes “and is often called the “twin lakes “ because of their indistinguishable characteristics. Kungwattaan is located eight kilometres from the Aharbal waterfalls and is a meadow at an altitude of 8,400 kilometres as you walk through these dense forests to reach Mahinag. Jama Masjid Shopian was an important point of a halt during the Mughal reign and even in present times, it is an iconic landmark.

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