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Barisal Division is one of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh, located in the southern part of the country. The division is named after its largest city and administrative center, Barisal. The division is bordered by the Bay of Bengal to the south, Dhaka Division to the north, Chittagong Division to the east, and Khulna Division to the west.

The Barisal Division is known for its picturesque riverine landscapes, dotted with countless rivers, canals, and creeks. The most famous of these is the mighty Meghna River, which flows through the division and is the lifeline of the region. The division is also known for its abundant natural beauty, including forests, hills, wetlands, and beaches.

The Barisal Division has a rich cultural heritage, with a mix of Bengali, Hindu, and Muslim traditions. The region is famous for its folk music, dance, and literature, which have been influenced by its unique history and geography. The division is also home to several important historical and cultural landmarks, including ancient mosques, temples, and palaces.

The economy of the Barisal Division is primarily based on agriculture and fisheries, with rice, jute, and fish being the main products. The division is also a major center for shrimp farming and has a growing tourism industry, thanks to its natural beauty and cultural attractions.

In summary, the Barisal Division is a region of natural beauty, rich culture, and unique history. Its riverine landscapes, cultural landmarks, and agricultural products make it an important and fascinating part of Bangladesh.