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Mizoram is a state in northeastern India, known for its natural beauty, rich culture, and diverse tribes. The state capital is Aizawl, and the official language is Mizo. Mizoram is known for its beautiful hills, valleys, and waterfalls, as well as its traditional arts and crafts, such as bamboo work and textiles. The state is also known for its traditional dances, such as the Cheraw and the Khuallam.
The economy of Mizoram is primarily agrarian, with rice, maize, and other crops being the mainstay. The state also has large reserves of bamboo and timber, which are major sources of income for many families. Mizoram is home to many different ethnic groups and tribes, each with their own distinct culture and traditions. The Mizo people, the major ethnic group, have a rich history, culture and traditions. Christianity is the dominant religion of Mizoram.

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